Have a Healthy St.Patrick's Day With These Simple Recipes

Guilt-free St.Patrick's Day recipes

March 11, 2013 — -- intro: St. Patrick's Day certainly brings a sea of green but unfortunately many of these foods are green from the addition of artificial coloring. Eating would be dull without color but the rainbow of natural colors found in whole foods is amazing and can easily be used to add color to your favorite dishes.

March is National Nutrition Month and this year the theme is to "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day!" Americans are encouraged to get back to the basics of healthy eating and appreciate the flavors and health benefits of whole foods. Here are some quick, healthy and delicious green dishes that are hued by Mother Nature not Dr. Frankenstein.

quicklist:1category: title: Shamrock French Toast url: 15935339text: My kids love French toast! I threw a few handfuls of fresh spinach in my juicer/extractor and added the bright green juice to the egg mixture. A little honeydew juice brings just the right sweetness and consistency to the avocado and cream cheese.media: 15935551 related:

quicklist:2category: title: Edamame Hummusurl: 15935303text: Traditional hummus is made with chick peas but nowadays just about every legume and bean has been whipped into a hummus-y type of dish. Edamame makes for a great green veggie dipper.media: 15935367 related:

quicklist:3category: title: Pistachio Pesto Crabcakes with Avocado Creamurl: 15935245text: I was asked by Concannon Vineyards to "think out of the box" for St. Patrick's Day, go beyond the traditional corned beef and cabbage and create something wonderful to pair with their wine and this recipe was born. Using pistachio instead of pignoli nuts in the pesto adds an extra burst of vibrant green. Chives and parsley whipped with avocado create a smooth green sauce. media: 15935502 related:

quicklist:4category: title: Pepita Frozen Yogurturl: 15935404text: Pepitas are green pumpkin seeds with a distinct and delicious flavor. Grind the pepitas, throw in some matcha (green tea powder) and dried mint and you have a nice green dusting for the yogurt. The warm honeydew topping is the perfect complement.

Diane Henderiks is on a mission to teach America how to eat well. She is a personal chef, registered dietitian, cookbook author and regular "Good Morning America" contributor. She manages two companies: Diane's Daily Dish, her personal chef service; and Diane M. Henderiks, R.D. & Associates LLC, her nutrition consulting firm. She travels the country sharing her expertise and engaging audiences at the nation's top food and wine festivals and women's events. Diane is renowned for her expertise in creating wholesome cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious. www.dishwithdiane.com media: 15935452 related: