Plastic Surgery Regret Spreads from Hollywood to Home

Stars speak out against cosmetic surgical procedures.

ByABC News via logo
October 5, 2010, 10:34 PM

Oct. 6, 2010— -- Plastic surgery used to be Hollywood's biggest taboo, but now it's the worst-kept secret in town.

Stars like Dana Delany, Lisa Rinna, and Kim Kardashian are coming forward to talk about undergoing cosmetic procedures and how much they regret going under the knife. Celebrities, of course, have a great deal of influence on beauty trends and it looks like the backlash against plastic surgery in Hollywood is spreading across the country.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, last year cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S. decreased 9 percent from 2008.

Us Weekly Beauty Director Gwen Flamberg told GMA, "Plastic surgery has become an addiction in Hollywood. Women are going overboard with breast implants and lip implants and they don't look like themselves, they don't look normal, they don't look natural."

One star whose appearance was changed by a cosmetic procedure is Desperate Housewives actress Dana Delaney. She told Prevention magazine that she will never have another cosmetic procedure again after one terrible experience with Botox. When a dermatologist injected Botox into her forehead seven years ago, he hit a nerve and created a huge hematoma, or a pocket of blood outside the blood vessels. The nerve in her forehead died, which caused Delany's eye to droop. "I notice it more than anybody else" says Delany, "but I was symmetrical before and now I am not."

Kim Kardashian was also displeased with the botox treatment she got on her show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians." After the procedure, Kardashian was alarmed by the bruising and side effects. She claims she has never had plastic surgery, and now thinks, at age 29, she was too young for Botox. "I think when you're young there are other ways you can look after your skin," she said on her blog. "Botox just wasn't necessary for me at this age."

Actress Lisa Rinna also had cosmetic surgical enhancement at a young age. When she was 24 years old, Rinna had silicone injected into her lips. Her pronounced pucker quickly became her signature feature, but she regretted supersizing her lips because she felt they overshadowed her identity. This past summer, 23 years later, she chose to reverse the procedure.