Happy Birthday Oreo: 7 Recipes to Celebrate

PHOTO: Lauren Torrisi's Oreo cheesecake brownies are shown here.
Lauren Torrisi/ABC

Instead of the traditional Oreo cookie and milk, try one of our favorite recipes to celebrate the cookie's birthday. Get inspired with these recipes or feel free to create your own.

PHOTO: Deep fried Oreos.
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Deep-fried Oreos are a hit on fairgrounds and boardwalks across America. Dipped in buttermilk pancake mix, make these at home for an early taste of summer.

PHOTO: Lauren Torrisi's Oreo cheesecake brownies are shown here.
Lauren Torrisi/ABC

Bake Oreo cookies inside the brownie batter for a fun new way to eat a brownie. We drizzled the top with cream cheese frosting and chopped Oreos for an over-the-top favorite.

PHOTO: Emeril's chocolate peanut butter pie
Ida Mae Astute/ABC News|Food Styling by Karen Pickus

What goes better than chocolate and peanut butter? Remove the filling from the Oreos to make a fabulous crunchy crust.

PHOTO: Lauren Torrisi's strawberry Oreo cupcakes are shown here.
Lauren Torrisi/ABC

Add chopped strawberries to the cupcake batter as well as to the icing to add a nice burst of pink color.

PHOTO: Cream pie with chocolate chips on top.
Donna Svennevik/ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

This pie uses an Oreo cookie crust for an extra chocolaty treat. Topped with chocolate chips and butterscotch sauce, the mascarpone filling adds a tangy, light touch to this sinful dessert.

PHOTO: Lauren Torrisi's coconut mint Oreo sundae is shown here.
Lauren Torrisi/ABC

This simple sundae looks extra elegant with chocolate-decorated glasses. Chill the glasses, then drizzle melted chocolate inside for a sundae we can't refuse.

PHOTO: Oreo cookies and cream brownies.
Ida Mae Astute/ABC News; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

This recipe is simple to prepare and has delicious results. Great for bake sales, the use of brownie mix cuts your prep time in half.

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