Jennifer Lawrence Asks Chris Pratt: 'What's Your Favorite Part About Me?'

“Honestly, her sense of humor," Pratt answered.

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December 7, 2016, 9:50 AM

— -- Jennifer Lawrence had no qualms about getting candid with Chris Pratt about his admiration for her.

“This is really tough to ask. I'm kind of embarrassed,” she began in a surprise video message for Pratt on “Good Morning America.” “What's your favorite part about me? If you had to choose. And be specific.”

The “Jurassic Park” actor pondered for a few seconds before giving his response to his “Passengers” co-star.

“Thankfully, she’s beautiful on the inside,” he said. “Honestly, her sense of humor. She’s really, really funny. She totally rolls with the punches. She’s genuinely hilarious. We laughed every day, all day making this movie.”

Pratt and Lawrence star in the upcoming science fiction film, in which they’re traveling through space but wake up 90 years too soon after their ship malfunctions.

“We’re these two passengers. There are 5,000 people on the ship but all of them are in a state of hibernation, and due to this mysterious malfunction in our pods we wake up 90 years early,” Pratt, 37, explained. “It’s the two of us and we’re in isolation and we’re going to be there for 90 years. There’s another actor, Michael Sheen, who plays a character that is this android robot. He plays this humanoid bartender character, and were so desperate and longing for any kind of human connection that we try to find that with him. And so there’s a lot of comedy and also drama that’s mined from attempting to find this interpersonal connection with something that’s not a human being.”

Being such a small cast, Pratt and Lawrence got very close on set. He’s been teasing her fans on social media by intentionally cropping Lawrence out of his photos.

“She’s not social media, so I don’t think she really know what’s going on,” he joked. “But she’s got such a very passionate fan base and they’re hitting me on up on Instagram and Twitter and stuff like, ‘Please give us photos of Jen. We just want photos so bad of Jen.’ I just can’t help but have a little bit of fun with those fans.”

Pratt promises there is a “really great photo coming up,” on his Instagram, “so stay tuned.”

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