Coach Tom Holland

Tom Holland, Lifestyle and fitness expertCourtesy TeamHolland LLC.
Tom Holland, Lifestyle and fitness expert

Welcome! I am Tom Holland, exercise physiologist, author and sports performance coach. I have helped thousands of people around the world reach their fitness goals and I will be coaching Juju to complete her very first triathlon on September 11! I will also be your coach as well. In addition to creating a triathlon program for Juju I will also be designing two different workout plans for you to choose from and follow. One is called "Just Getting Started" and is for those new to an exercise program or those returning to structured exercise. The second plan is named "Really Want to Sweat" and is for those of you who currently work out and who are ready to be pushed even further. If you want to make a physical commitment to Team Juju, choose whichever is best for you and get started! You can also start with the first program and switch to the second as you become stronger throughout your training.

As a working mom, Juju lives an extremely busy life. And I know that many of you do too. I realize that it can be difficult to find the time to fit exercise in to an already jam packed schedule. No problem. I have designed the programs with this in mind. My philosophy is quality over quantity, and you will see this illustrated in the short, focused workout sessions. It's not how much you do, but how frequently you do it that will ultimately determine your success.

Juju has chosen a triathlon as her fitness goal at the end of the summer. If possible, I encourage you to choose a challenging fitness goal for yourself as well. It can be a triathlon, a 5K walk for charity, a bike ride, and so on. Or you can just choose to follow a plan and spend the next few months getting in the best shape of our life. Either way, commit to following a plan and stick with it. Consistency is really the key.

To begin, I would like you to get a "baseline" measurement at to start of the program. We will use this to gauge your progress over the next few months. It can be your weight, your BMI [Body Mass Index], or even that great pair of jeans that you really want to fit into again. It can also be a physical benchmark like the number of pushups you can do or how far you can run without stopping – Pick something to use as a gauge -- something you will work on and see improvement on as we train together. Write it down when we begin. We will retest it every few weeks.

The idea of this program is to start slowly, building a strong base of fitness first. This is essential. As the weeks progress we will increase in intensity and complexity. My goal is to keep you motivated and injury-free while pushing your limits. If I have learned one secret about fitness success over the years it's that consistency is key. Just get your workout in each day. Stick with the plan and you will be amazed at the results. Trust me – I will get you there!

I will also be posting on the website each day. Check in to get the daily tip, updates on Juju's training, instructions about that day's workout, and motivational thoughts to keep you going! The more you check in, the greater the likelihood you will keep with the program.

I am very excited to be your "coach" this summer. I know if you stick with me and the plan, you will see changes in yourself that you didn't think were possible. Believe in yourself and get ready to make a difference in your health and your life.

"The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. Undertaking a training program may involve risk of injury or physical harm, and it is your responsibility to determine which training activities are appropriate for you. Please check with your doctor."