Julia Child's Most Memorable Recipes

Try these classic French dishes in honor of Julia Child's birthday.

August 13, 2012 — -- intro: "The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude." - Julia Child

This year, on Aug. 15, Julia Child would have celebrated her 100th birthday. In honor of her contributions to cooking and French cuisine in America, we've collected some of her most iconic recipes. From beef bourguignon to coq au vin, try one of these classics in honor of the fearless chef.

quicklist:1 category: title: Beef Bourguignon url: 8222804 text: Nothing is better than the smell of beef bourguignon cooking in the oven. This slow-cooked stew cooks for 2 to 3 hours. The result? The most tender, delicate meat you've ever tasted. media: 15248057 related: 14752319

quicklist:2 category: title: Salade Nicoise url: 8255829 text: Tons of yummy toppings make this salad as filling as a main course. This dish is great for a lunch gathering or as a light dinner. media: 15756402 related: 8256174

quicklist:3 category: title: French Potato Salad url: 8256039 text: "Crunchily under cooked potatoes are dreadful, and overcooked potato slices will disintegrate," Child writes in this recipe. She suggests saving the cooking water to use for soup. media: 16994735 related: 14760290

quicklist:4 category: title: Coq au Vin url: 7113750 text: The chicken in this dish is browned in bacon fat for a salty kick. Flambe the brandy for a special effect, Child says it also adds additional flavor. media: 16994770 related: 7039738

quicklist:5 category: title: Shrimp in Lemon and Garlic url: 7040142 text: This super-simple recipe is worth trying tonight. A splash of soy sauce and a squeeze of lemon brighten up the flavors in the dish. media: 16994589 related: 16764070

quicklist:6 category: title: Ragout of Chicken and Onions in Red Wine url: 7113283 text: This chicken dish, simmered in a sauce of tomatoes, browned onions and red wine, is French comfort food at its finest. Child recommends serving the recipe "on a hot platter and decorate with small steamed potatoes and parsley, or mound it on a bed of rice or noodles." media: 16994953 related:10513477

quicklist:7 category: title: Zucchini au Gratin url: 7040014 text: This recipe makes for a fantastic side dish all year round. Salt the zucchini in advance to remove excess water. media: 16994904 related: 8222689

quicklist:8 category: title: Sauteed Pork Chops url: 8222583 text: Child's special spice blend add a burst of heat to otherwise boring pork chops. Vermouth and herbs contribute a sweet and subtle flavor so delicious you'll think you're eating at a restaurant. media: 16994657 related: 8222951