Kate Gosselin Says 'Dancing With the Stars' Sends 'a Message to My Kids'

"DWTS" contestant on training: "I will be dancing in the basement."

February 8, 2009, 4:19 PM

March 2, 2010 — -- New "Dancing With the Stars" cast member Kate Gosselin isn't sure how she'll balance training for the show and raising her eight children, but, she said, "There's going to be a dance floor in my basement.

"I have eight kids, and I'm a mom and I have a very full schedule anyway," she said today on "Good Morning America," appearing with professional partner Tony Dovolani. "Obviously, the kids come first. It's going to be hard. I'm determined to do it."

The cast of the 10th season of "Dancing With the Stars" was announced Monday night during the finale of "The Bachelor."

Gosselin, 34, is part of a star-studded cast that includes actress and model Pamela Anderson, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin and ESPN host Erin Andrews.

CLICK HERE for the full list of celebrities and their professional partners and watch the "Dancing With the Stars" two-hour season premiere Monday, March 22, at 8 p.m. ET.

Gosselin gained fame on her TLC reality-TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," which went off the air after she and husband Jon Gosselin got divorced. She said she would commute to and from Los Angeles for appearances on "Dancing With the Stars," and Dovolani, 36, said he's moving in to the Gosselin home in Pennsylvania for training.

When asked if she had any dancing experience, Gosselin said, "not so much," adding that she isn't worried about the notoriously grueling physical preparation for the show. "I will be dancing in the basement" while the kids are in school or asleep for the night.

"That's the part I'm looking forward to," she said. "Beat my butt, because I need to do it. That part I'm not afraid of. Honestly, my mind is willing to do it. It's just making my body figure it out."

Gosselin Looking for a Miracle Worker

Gosselin said she expects Dovolani will be her "miracle worker," and after the first three days of training, he said she's up to the challenge.

"She has no bad habits," he said. "I'm seeing a lot of potential. … One thing that she's got, for sure, is drive. She's a very good student. … She listens well."

Gosselin said she hopes to set an example for her children about the importance of working hard, doing your best and facing your fears.

"This is definitely a message to my kids," she said. "I only told them last night right before it was announced. My 9-year-olds are very excited. They asked if they could vote for me."

Dovolani, a husband and father of three, said he wished all moms could have a similar experience.

"My hat goes off to all the women out there that are moms," he said. "I always wish that I could do something for my wife. [Gosselin's] setting an example for all the women out there, all the moms. … You've got to give yourself a little bit of something."

And Dovolani, who has finished third twice in eight seasons on "Dancing," said he believes this might be his year.

"I definitely feel like this is the year," he said. "She says that she wants to win. I'm willing to work hard."

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