Magician Shows How to Make Speeding Ticket Disappear

VIDEO: Magician Gets Out of Speeding Ticket with
WATCH Magician Shows How to Make Speeding Ticket Disappear

Turns out it may pay off to keep a Rubik’s Cube in your car.

Steven Brundage was pulled over in upstate New York for speeding when he told police he was a magician driving home from a show.

“We did the typical thing – hands on the wheel, opened the window, gave him my license – and he saw my magic stuff on the seat behind me,” Brundage, 23, told ABC News. “He asked me to show him magic kind of lightheartedly. I gave my phone to the second officer and asked him to record and I just did some magic tricks.”

Brundage’s phone captured him solving a Rubik’s Cube in 20 seconds. He then scrambled it up again, threw it in the air ... and caught it completely solved again.

Even though Brundage, a full-time magician, was going 42 miles per hour in a 30 zone, the police were apparently so impressed that they let him go with only a verbal warning.