Meet New Friends Face-to-Face at The Pierre's 'Chef Social Club'

The Pierre has come up with a way to meet new friends, or that special someone,

ByABC News via logo
July 29, 2014, 4:31 PM

— -- These days, many people make friends on social media. The days of striking up a conversation in a cafe with that cute stranger seem to be long gone.

But for those of us who are more traditional and dislike the online dating scene, don’t lose hope yet. Human interaction hasn't completely disappeared.

One of New York City’s most historic and respected hotels, The Pierre has come up with a way to meet new friends, or that special someone, face-to-face. It’s called "Chef Social Club" and this event is perfect for anyone who loves to experiment with food.

Here's how it works. Once a month, ten strangers can sign up to have an exclusive dinner at Two E Bar’s executive chef’s table. While the guests enjoy cocktails at the Pierre’s posh lounge near Central Park, executive Chef Ashfer Biju prepares seventeen to eighteen global dishes.

Eighteen courses may sound extreme, but don’t be alarmed. In an interview with ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis, Chef Biju explained, “The portions are small, you don’t really fill up crazy and you are tasting new flavors.”

To keep it interesting, the exotic food themes change each season, so guests can return again and again and never know what’s on the menu that night.

The best part about Chef Social Club, it’s reasonably priced. You might think an eighteen course dinner including cocktail pairings and distinctive wines at one of New York's most elegant AAA Five Diamonds hotels is way out of your league. Actually, quite the contrary Chef Biju explained on ABC, you get all of this for only $85 per person as well as a surprise gift.

Chef Biju is not only in charge of directing The Pierre's culinary team of 50 cooks and seven sous chefs. He's also in charge of in-room dining. Since many of us won't have the chance to stay at The Pierre's luxury suites and experience his exotic Asian cuisine dishes, we asked him to reveal one of The Pierre’s exclusive room service recipes with bolder flavors that you can experiment with at home.

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