Prince William's and Prince Harry's Royal Escape

Balmoral Castle has always been a place for royal romance.

Oct. 21, 2009— -- The London paparazzi watch Prince William's and Prince Harry's every move. But when the two young men head north to the crisp air of Balmoral, it is an escape that has been treasured in the British royal family for years.

The princes of Wales spent vacations at the secluded 19th-century Scottish castle, where they would hunt, hike and fish.

The castle has also proved to be a special place for royal romance.

"Charles and Diana went there when they were engaged. Charles and Camilla spent their honeymoon there in 2005," Duncan Larcombe, the royal correspondent for The Sun, said. "And, really, every time William and Kate go anywhere near Balmoral, it gets people very excited, and the possibility is the announcement is coming."

The speculation has not only surrounded Prince William, 27, and longtime girlfriend Kate Middelton, 27, but also Prince Harry.

"Chelsy has always mesmerized Harry. He's always been under her spell," Larcombe said of Chelsy Davy. "It is only a matter of time before we see them out holding hands and kissing."

The brothers share a farmhouse near a military base a few hours outside London.

Both brothers are training to be helicopter pilots.

"Harry isn't here today because he's flying. He's just not as good as me," Prince William joked in a meeting in London. "I can say that because he's not here."

Prince William's and Prince Harry's Future

Harry, who is third in line for the throne, went to Afghanistan last year with his military unit but was ordered home after his presence became public knowledge and the British Ministry of Defense feared for his safety.

''It was fantastic," he told reporters upon his return. "It was an opportunity that I was wanting to do the whole time and to be able to do it. I was hugely grateful for having the opportunity. I did enjoy it a little bit more than I should have, not in a sick way, but I enjoyed being out there, every element had something different about it.

"But, actually, being out in the middle of nowhere, with the stars out, is just a fantastic place to be.''

Harry is hoping to return to combat as a pilot.

"In the sky, he won't be recognized," Larcombe said. "He wants to lock horns with the Taliban. He's desperate to."

In addition to their military service, the princes will focus on charity work.

William works with London's Royal Marsden Hospital, where his mother, Diana, was a patron.

Prince Harry co-founded Sentebale, a charity organization designed to "help the forgotten victims of poverty and of the HIV/Aids epidemic" in Lesotho, in Africa, according to Sentebale's Web site.

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