Royal Wedding: Throw a Princess Party

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Your daughter isn't officially royalty, but she's still your princess. With Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding fast approaching, it's the perfect time to treat your daughter and her friends to a princess party. Be sure to serve these dishes that are inspired by and fit for royalty.

Emeril's Minty Peas

The Princess and the Pea Makes Use of Those Peas

According to the fairy tale, it all started with a prince looking for a suitable princess. However, there was a snag -- he couldn't be sure that the ladies he met were actually royal. To test the women, he made them sleep on 20 mattresses and on top of twenty feather beds with one small pea underneath them all. The real princess will feel the pea despite all the comfort. He tried out several women before one, a true princess, felt the pea and complained of her horrible night's sleep.

These minty peas will be perfect for your picky little princesses.

Pumpkin Roll

Cinderella's Pumpkin Turned Carriage Turned Pumpkin Roll

This famous princess is a favorite among kids and parents alike. After years of serving her stepsisters and mother, Cinderella's fairy godmother came to her aide, giving her a beautiful dress, glass slippers and a carriage made out of a pumpkin. Clearly Cinderella's favorite snack would be a pumpkin roll: sweet pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting.

King Cake

Rapunzel's Braided King Cake

Trapped in a tower all alone, this princess spends years growing and braiding her tremendously long hair. She hopes that one day a prince will come and free her. No doubt she'd be quite good at braiding the New Orleans king cake and would enjoy eating it too.

Apple Crisp

Snow White Takes a Bite of Apple Crisp

Snow White was quite a fan of apples, and even took them from strangers. Instead of having a poison-filled one, we suggest she try slow-cooker Stephanie O'Dea's delicious apple crisp. It's sweet, filling and gluten-free.

Mini Burgers

Thumbelina's Bite-Sized Burgers

This pint-sized princess was destined for royalty from the beginning. After her long travels in her walnut shell, escaping every kind of danger, she met a fairy prince and they married. For a long journey like hers Thumbelina needs to fill up on something savory like Wolfgang Puck's mini burgers. They're not too big but very delicious.

Crab Cakes

Ariel's Best Friends: Baked Flounder and Crab Cakes

In the Disney favorite "The Little Mermaid," Ariel is a mermaid princess longing to be human. While trying to find the best way to get into trouble and catch the attention of a human prince, Ariel ignored the good sense and pleas of her two lovable friends, Sebastian and Flounder, a crab and a fish. Though she might not enjoy a fresh catch, it doesn't mean you can't. In honor of her two companions try the Waverly Inn's crab cakes and Emeril's baked flounder.

Lamb Kababs

Jasmine's Spicy Middle Eastern Picks

Jasmine is a princess who likes a bit of adventure, fun and spice. This story can be traced back to Aladdin and the Magic lamp from "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights." In her story, Jasmine briefly escapes the castle and meets Aladdin. For their first meal from the market place they might snack on hummus and lamb kebabs.

Tea and Scones

Belle's Afternoon Tea

In "Beauty and the Beast," after leaving her father and sisters, Belle went to live with the beast. She thought that she was alone in this new world until a friendly teapot, a candlestick and some furniture came to life. Over tea and scones Belle learned all about her new home.

Cucumber Pork

Mulan's Fighting Fuel

Though not technically a princess, Mulan is certainly a role model for girls. She's a cross-dressing warrior bent on protecting her family by joining the army. For her grueling days of battle she needs food that will keep her going, like Grace Young's cucumber pork dish.

Mocha-Mint Cappuccino

Aurora's Coffee Break

Sleeping Beauty Aurora isn't known for her energized vivacity. Instead of a turkey dinner, this princess opts for a mocha mint cappuccino and some chocolate coffee waffles. After a hundred years of sleep, a princess needs a little caffeine and breakfast.

Turkey Bone Gumbo

Princess Tiana's New Orleans-Style Dinner

Looking for a prince can be hard work. This princess needs some hearty home-style dishes to keep her full while looking for the one. She might fill up on Emeril's turkey bone gumbo and barbecued shrimp.