Ryan Jenkins' Sister Says Hanged Reality Show Contestant Was Innocent in Model's Murder

Alena Jenkins wouldn't confirm she helped Ryan Jenkins flee after wife's murder.

September 4, 2009, 7:09 AM

Sept. 4, 2009— -- The sister of the reality show contestant who was suspected of murdering his bikini model wife before killing himself in a remote Canadian motel said she still believes her brother is innocent.

"I hold onto the thought that he couldn't possibly do this," Alena Jenkins told "Good Morning America" today in an exclusive interview about her brother, Ryan Jenkins. "Until proven without a doubt I have to say my brother is innocent."

Jenkins, 32, was the only suspect in last month's murder of his wife, former bikini model Jasmine Fiore, 28.

"He seemed somewhat normal, but he was very, very distraught over his wife," Alena Jenkins said, recalling a conversation she had with her brother before a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Alena Jenkins said her brother, 13 years older than she, told her that he loved his wife and that he was "very, very upset."

Fiore's mutilated body was found in a dumpster Aug. 15, stuffed into a suitcase. Her fingertips and teeth had been removed in what police believe was an effort to hamper identification. She was eventually identified through the serial number on her breast implants.

Police said Jenkins reported Fiore missing later that day, after the body had been found, and then fled to his native Canada.

A manhunt in both countries ended eight days later when authorities learned Jenkins had checked into a rural British Columbia motel with the help of an unidentified female. Three days later, he was found hanging from a coat rack, dead from an apparent suicide.

Police have said they know who helped Jenkins check into the motel and Canadian media has identified that woman as Alena Jenkins.

She declined to comment when asked today if she was the mystery woman, saying only that the last time she saw her brother "before all this happened" was at Christmastime. Canadian officials said there would be no criminal charges against the woman who helped Ryan Jenkins because at the time he checked into the motel there were no Canadian charges filed against him.

Alena Jenkins also refused to speculate on why Jenkins not only fled, but took his own life.

"I'm sure he was distraught," she said. "I'm sure this media coverage had something to do with it also."CLICK HERE for childhood photos of Ryan Jenkins and Alena Jenkins.

Family Members Point Fingers After Jasmine Fiore's Murder

The image of the young couple was a portrait of the fast life -- pretty girls, parties in Vegas. Since her murder, Fiore's family has said they didn't trust Jenkins from the beginning, accusing him of dragging her into a life of partying and abuse.

Jenkins was convicted in Canada of assault in 2007 stemming from an incident with a past girlfriend. And he had been arrrested in June for allegedly hitting Fiore in the arm.

Alena Jenkins said her brother had caught Fiore kissing another man and pushed her into a pool.

She had harsh words for Fiore, saying she liked to expose her breasts "just for fun."

"Apparently Jasmine was a bit of a show off if you will," she said.

But family members on both sides said they were shocked by Fiore's gruesome murder.

With both the victim and the suspect dead, it is unclear exactly what caused the murder or where it took place.

A source who saw the couple at a San Diego poker game the night Fiore was last seen told ABCNews.com last month that the two were gambling, drinking and fighting.

"Jasmine was playing poker with a big group of friends at the Hilton Hotel," the source said. "She was being very rude and kept putting Ryan down. It was really awkward. She has a cutting sense of humor. He was getting really angry, and it totally set the tone for the rest of the evening."

Jenkins may also have been upset that Fiore was reportedly communicating with an ex.

Her missing Mercedes Benz was found in West Hollywood, Calif., several days after the murder. Police said the inside was coated with blood, indicating a violent struggle. The undercarriage had remnants of mud, weeds and twigs.

Both families have tried to portray their loved one as wholesome and loving. But the public images -- Fiore in her sultry poses and Jenkins posturing on reality television -- are what seem to be sticking.

The two married just two days after meeting each other in March at a Las Vegas party. She had worked as a bikini model and he had just finished taping the VH1 reality dating show "Megan Wants a Millionaire."

The show had already aired several episodes of the show at the time of the murder and Jenkins' suicide, but it was canceled shortly after.

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