Statements from Nutrisystem to 'Good Morning America'

Nutrisystem has been providing solutions helping millions achieve weight loss.

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May 11, 2011, 4:06 AM

May 11, 2011— -- Statements from Nutrisystem to Good Morning America.

GMA's testing is unscientific and should not be relied upon by anyone as representative of how consumers will think one product tastes compared to another one. Under accepted standards, to be reliable, a taste test must include average consumers of all ages and types from across the country, because people have different tastes and preferences. A reliable test must also employ basic precautions against bias. GMA's "informal taste test" involving chefs and graduate students did not do any of these things and should not be considered proof that one product tastes better or worse than the other to the majority of consumers.

Membership with Nutrisystem has always been free and includes weight loss counseling, interactive Mindset Makeover(r) behavioral guide, online community membership, online chats with our registered dieticians, interactive tools such as meal planner, weight loss tracker, recipes, news bulletins, BMI assessment, and free mobile apps to name a few.

Pantry stable foods are more convenient and portable than fresh frozen foods. That is why Nutrisystem offers over 150 delicious menu items to suit individual taste preferences, convenience and portability needs.

For the past 39 years, Nutrisystem has been providing effective diet solutions that have helped millions achieve and maintain their weight loss goals and live healthier lives. Our foods are a balance of nutritional value, affordability, convenience and results. Taste is important. That is why we offer a wide selection of over 150 delicious food choices to suit individual tastes and personal preferences.

GMA viewers should also be made aware of the fact that the vast majority of Nutrisystem customers have a high level of satisfaction with the Nutrisystem program, love the food, and would recommend the program to friends and family to achieve their weight loss goals.

Specifically, we bring to your attention results of a 2009 National Business Research Institute (NBRI) Customer Survey of over 9,600 Nutrisystem customers, with a 99.9% confidence level, which shows that:

• Four out of five Nutrisystem customers say that "Nutrisystem was the best investment in themselves they ever made."

• Nine out of ten (male and female) Nutrisystem customers "would recommend Nutrisystem to friends and family seeking to lose weight."

• Eight out of ten Nutrisystem customers say "they love the food."

• Eight out of ten Nutrisystem customers say that "Nutrisystem provides the best value for their money of any weight lose program they have ever tried."

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