Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks Against Plastic Surgery

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August 10, 2005, 10:22 AM

August 10, 2005 — -- Jamie Lee CurtisCourtesy: Entertainment TonightOne time use for GMA only------------------------------------------------

Curtis: its an epedmic that's out of contol /the way people are just injecting things, freezing things Q: When you tried it...Curtis: It just didn't work, Q: now what do you mean it didn't work?Curtis: It didn't work because first of all it didn't work emotionally, it felt like um, that the act of doing it the act of going through with it, made me feel ashamed of myself, that I would try, and then it actually for instance if you'd you know where they try to take fat out of your body.Q: did you try that the lypho?Curtis: i did and you know what fat comes back in other places Q:Did you try the botox?Curtis; I tried that too and you know what you don't have an expression, all these actresses have these foreheads now, that look like you know madame tousoud's wax museum.Curtis: there's an actress who many people consider one of the most beautiful people and you look at this and you go what did she do to herself? she doesn't look like her anymore. Q: : do you think you'd ever try anything again?Curtis: nothing. ever again. ever ever again.