Princess Di Seance on Pay-Per-View Station

Feb. 27, 2003 -- It's an interview to die for: Princess Diana speaks from the grave, and it's scheduled to air on pay-per-view TV.

Though séances seem like the stuff of sixth-grade sleepovers, anyone willing to shell out $14.95 can watch The Spirit of Diana, a televised séance scheduled to air around the world on March 9.

Led by a husband-and-wife psychic team, the TV séance, is supposed to answer questions about Di's feelings for her boyfriend Dodi Fayed before she died, according to the show's producers.

Executive producer Paul Sharratt defends the concept of The Spirit of Diana, and insists that viewers will be pleasantly surprised and that "amazing things" are revealed in the show.

"For me, I started as a total skeptic," Sharratt told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. "I still am a skeptic. I must say that things happened both in Paris and in London, things were said that has given me a lot of food for thought," he said.

‘She Did Love Dodi’

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker, the husband-and-wife team who led the séances in London and Paris, re-enacted driving through the tunnel where Princess Diana perished, and reported that they picked up vibes and messages from the princess and her boyfriend, Fayed. The couple, along with driver Henri Paul, died in a car crash in Paris tunnel in 1997.

"I feel very much that she is saying to me that she did love Dodi," Jane Hamilton-Parker says during the séance, and then appears to begin channeling Diana.

"Do you understand that a lot of people were saying untruths that I would not have married him," Hamilton-Parker said. "I want you to know that all I wanted was a man to walk beside me and that loved me."

Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi's father; and Diana biographer Andrew Morton both took part in the program. Psychic Simone Simmons, who was friends with Diana, and Penny Thorton, Diana's astrologer for six years, also got in on the spiritual TV special.

Feeling Dodi’s Anger

In another shoot in Paris, Craig Hamilton-Parker seems to try channeling Fayed as he and the princess are pursued by paparazzi through the tunnel just before the accident.

"This is where we are gathering speed, getting speed. Dodi is angry, he's cross," Craig Hamilton-Parker says, in another clip. "He's saying 'lose them, lose them! There are people knocking on the window. I can feel people knocking on this side, on both sides. They're irritating me.'"

Hamilton-Parker says he believes the videotaped séance was tasteful, and he thinks the pay-per-view audience will agree. "People are becoming a lot more tolerant to the idea that mediums can communicate with the other side," Paker said.

Sharratt said that he couldn't give away any other revelations that emerge on the show, but said he was impressed with the psychics.

Sharratt says it only seems natural to do a psychic show on Diana since she was very involved in the psychic world, especially in the later part of her life, he said.

"She spent a lot of time with psychics and it was natural we would follow that through to a medium, to a reading," Sharratt said.

The pay-per-view show's producers say they do not know how many people have so far signed up to get the show, but they expect many will sign up just before it's scheduled to air.

The show has been condemned by sources close to the Prince of Wales, who fear it will bring fresh heartbreak to the princess' sons, Princes William and Harry. But Sharratt said that fans will enjoy the program.

"The main function of the program is to discover the beautiful, compassionate, caring side of Diane," Sharratt said.