What Will Reality TV Show Producers Do Next?

Is your idea of adventure travel sitting down in front of The Amazing Race? Are you bereft because Aaron is no longer The Bachelor?

If so, you're in luck. The next few months a new assortment of reality shows offer another opportunity for us to settle into our La-Z-Boys and tune into other people's real-life dramas.

One of the latest entries in the reality TV genre is called, The Will, an ABC show that might be one to die for — literally. Similar to the hit CBS reality show, Survivor, contestants are pitted against one another in physical contests. But this time the prize is an inheritance.

"The premise behind The Will is that there's a wealthy family member who's trying to decide who's going to get the fortune, so members of the family compete, a la Survivor to get his inheritance," said Lisa Bernhard, deputy editor of TV Guide. "It's kind of the worst of family infighting publicly displayed, or maybe it's a better way to handle this, with physical challenges."

So Much For Millionaire

Joe Millionaire, another reality show, is sure to provoke some anger in its female contestants.

It revolves around Evan, a bachelor construction worker who makes $19,000 dollars a year. His co-stars are a group of women who flew to a chateau in France to win his heart, based on the belief that Evan is actually worth $50 million.

Who gave the women that idea? Well, the show producers at Fox.

"I love the concept of Joe Millionaire. Its kind of like taking The Bachelor and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire and putting them ]together," Bernhard said. "I think a lot of people will tune into the final episode when the woman who he picks will find out what he can and can't provide for her."

If you loved The Bachelor, get ready for The Bachelorette, a feminist version of the romance reality show that turns the gender tables around. Instead of a group of women vying for one man's affections, a group of men compete to win the heart of one woman.

The show, which airs on ABC, might also be called Trista's Revenge since it stars Trista, the woman not chosen on the first run of The Bachelor. How will this woman scorned react when she's calling the shots?

Who Will Date Eddie Munster?

Again in the real-life romance category, there's a new offering from E!, the channel that brought you The Anna Nicole Show, the show that revolves around the life of the former Playboy Playmate. Now, E! has started a reality show called Star Dates that sends stars out on dates with ordinary people.

"Star Dates on E! is kind of like taking an E! true Hollywood story and pairing it with a dating show," Bernhard said. "You're kind of taking a c-level celebrity, kind of like a Gary Coleman, Kim Fields who played Tootie on the Fact of Life, or Jill Whalen who was (Vicki) on the Love Boat and setting them up with mere mortals to go on dates."

Early stars involved are Butch Patrick —Eddie Munster from The Munsters, and Dustin Diamond, Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Fox's hit reality show American Idol will be back too. For those of you who are a little bit country, there's Nashville Star, which airs on USA Network. It follows aspiring musicians as they try for fame, and is produced by George Verschoor, the producer/director of MTV's reality show The Real World.

"We're going to follow them on a journey from being undiscovered talent out there whether its here in Nashville or anywhere in the United States, we're going on that journey with them," Verschoor said. It promises more triumph and tragedy than a country song.