Drew Keeps Busy

Barrymore stars in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the directorial debut of her co-star, George Clooney.

The film, which opens nationwide on Jan. 17, is an unauthorized autobiography of game show maverick and pioneer Chuck Barris, creator of wacky 1970s fare such as The Gong Show, and The Dating Game.

The movie tells the story of Barris's supposed double life: goofy game show producer by day and a contract killer for the CIA by night. Barrymore plays Chuck Barris's girlfriend, Penny, who might be described as the movie's only true innocent character.

There have been reports of romance between Barrymore and Sam Rockwell, the actor who played Barris. She has said that the two have great chemistry together, and shared a lot of laughs on the set.

"?????," Barrymore said.

Barrymore made headlines in 2001 with her highly publicized divorce from comedian Tom Green, who cited irreconciliable differences in court papers when he filed for divorce.

Just 27, Barrymore, who has been in the public eye for over 20 years, has been keeping herself very busy these days. She is currently producing Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle, the highly anticipated sequel to Charlie's Angels, a 2000 hit movie version of the popular 1970s show that had Barrymore and her co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu playing "angels," who used martial arts moves to battle the movie's bad guys.

In the sequel, Demi Moore — who has been in five years of self-imposed exile from the big screen — will return to the screen to play a villainess.