Osbourne Kids Says Some Shows Were Scripted

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Nov. 26, 2002 -- As a whole new season of MTV's The Osbournes kicks off, the Osbourne kids revealed some of the strange events in the last season weren't real, including their famous meeting with the dog therapist.

"The dog therapist; that was an MTV thing," Jack Osbourne, 17, said.

"I put that in my contract that I will not do anything like that ... f----- dog therapist," Kelly Osbourne, 18, said. "That was retarded."

Genuine Profanity

The cursing, on the other hand, is real, according to Mom and Dad Osbourne. Aimee, the daughter who was not in the first season, told ABCNEWS' Barbara Walters that the family didn't use the "F-word" so much before they were stars of their own reality TV show. But Sharon says they began using the expletive as soon as their kids were old enough to hear them.

"I mean, how can you have a two-year-old bouncing on your knee going, 'Are you having a f------ good time?' You know, you don't talk to babies that way," Sharon said. "Our children are now young adults."

Ozzy says he and Sharon have always shared the "F-word" with one another, however.

MTV had no comment on Kelly and Jack's complaints about scripting the dog therapist. Ozzy's publicist, however, told Good Morning America that despite what the Osbourne kids say, "nothing is ever scripted and nothing is ever planned on The Osbournes. Ozzy and Sharon would not have done it unless it were all real."

The Osbourne children say they're happy to give up their privacy, for a price.

"I'm not afraid to say that I only did this for the money," Kelly said. "Because after this I get to buy my own house I get to move out and I get to do what I want to do without having to live off my parents and I think that's the most gratifying thing ever," she said.

"While it's lasting, I want to live it up to the fullest," Jack said.

And it's not just the new season that the Osbournes are excited about. Kelly has a new album out called Shut Up, and her mother can't stop talking about it.

Living the Dream

"We went past Tower Records yesterday and instead of an Ozzy billboard, it's a Kelly billboard and it's like a dream ," Sharon said.

But all the excitement doesn't distract that they are still living a drama that's just a little too real.

Sharon, who turned 50 this year, was diagnosed with colon cancer over the summer, and though she has talked about it publicly with 20/20 host Barbara Walters, she had been keeping up a strong public front.

But some members of the Osbourne family weren't prepared to handle something so frightening in front of the world.

"Yeah I was pretty p----d off when she kind of announced it to the public cause I didn't want it to come out," Jack said.

Kelly says everyone involved in the show tried to comfort the family, while still producing the reality program.

"MTV were really, really good about giving us our space and they were hurting just as bad as we were," Kelly said.

The latest addition to the Osbourne family, Rob Marcato, 18, adds "stability" to their home.

Ozzy and Sharon began taking care of Marcato after his mother died of colon cancer four months ago.

"He's just a gorgeous, gorgeous member of our family that we all love and we're very lucky to have him," Sharon said. "He is the only normal person."

Marcato says instant fame has changed everything.

"It was like 'who are you?' And they don't treat you as nice," Marcato said. "Then they're like 'Oh, you're an Osbourne,'" Marcato said.

Behind the wacky antics and the laughter, and while facing their very own struggle with Sharon's colon cancer, Ozzy and Sharon made a promise to Rob's mother, Reagan, on her deathbed.

"Reagan knew that we would, you know, never let her down and we'd keep our promise and, you know, as long as we're here, Robert's here," Sharon said.

Marcato says being part of the Osbourne home has been a comfort after his loss.

"And we're all going through the same thing. Having a real, loving family, it's just, you know, kind of relief, you know, knowing that people I care about are there for me and I'm there for them," he said.

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