Home Advice: Old Tires as Ground Cover

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Q: Dear Ron, Hi Ron. A few weeks ago you showed a product made of shredded tires used for ground cover. What is it called, how much is it and where can I find it?


— Chris G. Hauppauge, N.Y.

A: Chris,

You bet I can help you with this. I came across this product at the National Hardware Show in Chicago this summer.

It's called Rubberific Mulch, manufactured by International Mulch Company in St. Louis, Mo. If you visit their Web site (www.rubberificmulch.com), you'll get a good idea of the benefits.

Made from 100 percent recycled rubber truck tires, this mulch's most attractive feature is its longevity. Unlike conventional mulch, which needs annual replacement, this material can last up to 10 years without decomposing. Also, it does not dissolve into the ground or wash away from rain.

I really like this material as a play surface for children, particularly under backyard swing sets. It does not compact and absorbs impact better than anything I've yet seen. One more thing — and this is very important in considering recycled tire products around children — this brand of rubber mulch does not contain any steel belts or threads, both of which can be hazardous to youngsters. — Ron