Cute and Quick Makeovers

Glamour magazine's executive fashion editor performed makeovers on three women who were just on their way to work, live on Good Morning America.

The following is an unedited, uncorrected transcript of the segment as it aired on Monday's Good Morning America.

ABCNEWS' DIANE SAWYER: Well it's time to get the results of the three lucky—are they lucky women? I don't know what they thought when we pulled them off the street this morning on their way to work and said, `How about a Monday morning makeover?' Let's go back to Glamour magazine executive fashion director Suze Yalof Schwartz, and see what happened.

Well they were all so excited, and I mean they can't even recognize themselves. Let's take a look. SAWYER: Yeah. Let's see before and after.

SUZE YALOF SCHWARTZ, GLAMOUR MAGAZINE FASHION DIRECTOR: Our first makeover—Monday morning makeover is Miss Debbie. And she looks just incredible. Before she was wearing a—you know, trying to hide herself, and she was wearing this shirt that was kind of camouflaging her stomach and all the different areas. And now... SAWYER: Right. There she was when we saw you on your way to work. YALOF SCHWARTZ: And now we see before. You know, her pants were a little bit too short, and too narrow. Her shoes were a little more klunky. And what we did was we put this longer leg on her, a pointier toe. Black and white is really hot this season. I wanted her to show more neck so that, you know, she could show off her beautiful face and not cover up so much. And this tie in the center — this top is from Verasce about $68. SAWYER: So are you late for work? MISS DEBBIE Yeah, I'm late for work today. SAWYER: Is it worth it? MISS DEBBIE Yep. It's worth it. Yeah. SAWYER: Oh, that's great. All right. Well thank you very much. Stick around. Let's go to the before again. YALOF-SWARTZ: Thank you, Debbie. SAWYER: Let's go to the before on Stephanie Whitesides. YALOF SCHWARTZ: Stephanie was walking down the street, and I saw her and I could tell that she was a caterpillar—just was going to be a butterfly. And she looks like a model now. You should see her. SAWYER: Somebody's going to—someboyd's going to break your knees with that caterpillar. YALOF SCHWARTZ: She was excited. Look at this. This could—is she a model or what? SAWYER: All right! YALOF SCHWARTZ: She's incredible. This is by Sport Max, and what we did was we pulled her hair back, gave her a full glow, a very short cropped jacket, which is very... SAWYER: Full glow? YALOF SCHWARTZ: That means that her skin looks very glowy, whereas before it was kind of a little matte. We put her hair back in a bun, and it's a beautiful bun in the back, and then a Louis Vuitton bag, which is the most coveted bag of the season. SAWYER: All right, how... YALOF SCHWARTZ: What do you think? SAWYER: I think—I think it looks lovely. What do you think? STEPHANIE WHITESIDES I think it's nice. It's very nice. SAWYER: And when you walk into work this morning, does this cure the Monday morning blahs? STEPHANIE WHITESIDES Yes. It'll help. SAWYER: OK. Let's go now to Rena. YALOF SCHWARTZ: Rena. Rena Moshey. And so our next look is on Rena, and Rena before—you know, she was carrying a lot of luggage, and she was—you know, she looked a little bit like she definitely needed a haulover. I mean she has this beautiful body. And what we did was we just showed it. I said the only extra piece of luggage she should has is Glamour. (Rena is holding a Glamour magazine) SAWYER: A little promotion there. YALOF SCHWARTZ: This is great. This is from Cole Haan, and this jacket is from H&M, and it's $150 for a leather jacket. And the hair—they just blew it out and kind of gave it a little more body, and gave her skin a glowy look with makeup. Actually it's Bourgeois, a straight makeup that makes you look tan when you're not. SAWYER: And what do you do?


I'm a merchandiser. SAWYER: And what are they going to say when you walk in this morning? RENA MOSHEY `You look fabulous!' SAWYER: And is the other your standard Monday morning approach? RENA MOSHEY Usually Mondays, yeah. It's a long day, so I don't try to look very good. SAWYER: No, it's a grim day for everybody, isn't it?

RENA MOSHEY: Yeah. SAWYER: I go—the three of you go over there again, and just a—answer me one thing. Did you think we were completely insane when we walked up to you this morning?

RENA MOSHEY: Pretty much. SAWYER: That will teach you to walk by our windows again. But you look great, and thank you so much for being part of our little Monday experiment. Thank you Susie. YALOF SCHWARTZ: Thank you. MODELS: (In unison): Thank you. SAWYER: And you can always check on our Web site if you want any more of our information about what we did here today. Thanks. Very fast, very good.