Soldiers Give Thanksgiving Greetings from Iraq

While families all over the United States carve turkeys at an overcrowded dining room table this Thanksgiving, thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq will be wishing they were home too.

ABCNEWS crews in Iraq taped Thanksgiving greetings from U.S. soldiers to their familes.

Some of these greetings have been seen on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America, but additional clips are available via's video on-demand section and via ABC News Live, our 24-hour online news service.

In addition to the video, some of the greetings have also been transcribed. Check out a few of the greetings in text, below (first names haven't been given in every case).

"My name is Staff Sergeant Claiborne Troy from Colorado Springs. I want to say hello to George, Troy, Jocelyn and the entire family. Jody, did you make macaroni and cheese for this Thanksgiving dinner? Hope so …"

"My name is First Lieutenant Andrew Austin and I'd like to say hello from Iraq — and a Happy Thanksgiving to my family in Colorado Springs — my wife Heather and my daughters ƒ and a special thank you for support to my family in Ohio. Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate it."

"Hi. My name is Staff Sergeant Wall. I'd like to say happy Thanksgiving to my family back in Mississippi and to my church family — God bless you, I love you … my mom and dad, my sisters and everyone in my entire family. Happy Thanksgiving."

"Good morning from beautiful Iraq. My name is PFC Wilson of the 3rd armored cavalry regiment out of Ft. Carson Colorado. I'd like to say happy Thanksgiving to mom and dad out of Bradford, Illinois. Miss you, and happy birthday to my girlfriend Serene out of Colorado University. Happy Thanksgiving."

"I'm Lieutenant Colonel Brad Owens with the 122nd Engineer Battalion. And for all the men and women in the battalion … I'd just like to say Good Morning America! I'd also like to send out a hello to my daughters Aubreyanna and Ashton and all the families and friends back in Aiken." "Hello I'm Sergeant First Class Tommy Strickland from somewhere in northwest Iraq. I'd like to tell my wife Ellen, my son Alex, my daughters Amanda and Annabeth, my mom and dad, and everyone in South Carolina, all the siblings, all the family hello. Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe. Hopefully I'll be home soon. I love ya and I miss ya."

"Good morning. My name is Sergeant First Class Henry Light. From somewhere in northern Iraq, I'd like to tell my family hello. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you all and we'll be home sometime soon. Love y'all."

"My name is Private Grillo. I'm from New York, New York. I want to say hi to my mom. It's my birthday … I still haven't gotten a card. Happy Thanksgiving! Hello to everybody."