2005's News You Missed

Dec. 31, 2005 — -- "The News You Missed" has been a great source of joy and entertainment for those who work at "GMA." And the segment has brought many quirky and mystifying tales to the American public in its first year of existence.

For the first annual "Missy" awards -- which celebrates the best zany news has to offer -- "GMA" honored Melissa Eurle and bestowed upon her a very special (and spreadable) sculpture.

As a runner up in the Minnesota state fair pageant, Euerle was honored with a butter bust -- her head cast in butter. This year, she marked the end of her reign by melting it down for all those corn-on-the-cob-eating fairgoers.

"We had 700 cobs of corn," said Eurle, who came to "GMA" to receive an exact replica of the sculpture recreated by Sharon BuMann of Central Square, N.Y., who donated her work for the award ceremony.

Weird Tales

But this year bore witness to many other tales befitting "The News You Missed."

A Jordanian man had a three-month cyber affair with someone he met in a chat room. She turned out to be his wife.

There were many amazing children -- the six-year-old concert pianist, the two-year-old water skier, the five year old who's been summoned for jury duty three times.

Of course, there was the astounding Rickey Davis -- the three year old who snuck out of the house and caught a city bus.

2005 was also a year of invention.

The "Invisapet" promises to protect your Doberman pincer from public scorn by turning it into a poodle, while the deodorant dog thong is clearing the air in Iowa.

A Tokyo hairdresser created the "panda makeover" for his mutt.

But the "Most Creative Canine Accessory" is an old favorite: Whiplash the rodeo monkey. (The little simian rides a dog, not a horse.)

Criminal masterminds were at their best this year.

One armed robber agreed to smile for the surveillance camera, and a clumsy bank robber shot a hole through his loot.

A Boston Celtics fan demanded three extra years in prison so his sentence will match Larry Bird's jersey number.

Missy Winner: 'God Help Them'

But the Missy goes to whoever stole four packets of white powder from Mary Woodhull's purse. … That wasn't cocaine. It was the ashes of her cremated pets.

"If they snorted my dogs, God help them," Woodhull said.

To receive more information about sculptor Sharon BuMann's work, visit www.steps-plus.com/bumann.