Exclusive: Van der Sloot Talks About Night Out

ByABC News via logo
February 22, 2006, 7:30 AM

Feb. 22, 2006 — -- In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Chris Cuomo for "Primetime," Joran Van der Sloot, the Dutch teen seen with American Natalee Holloway the night she disappeared from Aruba in May, said he planned to have sex with her when they left a bar together.

"We were planning on going to my house, because she said she wanted to go to my house," he said. "My intention was to take her to the house to have sex with her."

But the couple did not end up sleeping together, he said. "I asked her if she wanted to have sex, and she was fine with it," he said. "I didn't have a condom with me though in my wallet, and I won't have sex with a girl without a condom."

Holloway, who was visiting Aruba on a school trip, met van der Sloot at a casino the night she disappeared. How they met and what went on between them has been the focus of endless speculation by officials and Holloway's friends and family.

Holloway sat at a blackjack table with van der Sloot in a casino the night she disappeared, according to a videotape obtained exclusively by ABC News from a confidential source. The tape shows grainy images of the two -- along with a group of Holloway's friends -- at the Excelsior Casino on what may have been the last night of her life.

"I sat down there and within five minutes, there was a group of girls from the Mountain Brook school that came up to me and sat down next to me and they wanted to play as well," van der Sloot told Cuomo. "They'd already been drinking that day and had drinks with them. We played blackjack for a while, and I told them whether or not to hit."

Later that night, Holloway was seen leaving Carlos 'n Charlies with van der Sloot, who said she did not seem drunk, though she had been drinking.

"She didn't seem drunk," he said. "She seemed like she drank a lot, but there's a difference between someone being absolutely drunk and someone ... actually having had a couple drinks."