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March 7, 2006 — -- ABC News co-anchor Bob Woodruff has made major progress in the last 48 hours -- he is starting to talk, speaking with his family and doctors, and beginning to walk.

"My brother has been an overachiever his entire life, and none of us expect any less in this [healing] process," David Woodruff, Bob's brother, told "Good Morning America."

Cameraman Doug Vogt, who was also injured in the Jan. 29 attack in Iraq, is back with his family in France and recovering well. He will continue to undergo treatment there and come back for occasional checkups.

Although Bob, 44, is still on pain medication, David Woodruff said his brother's limited speech and mobility represented the second phase of his recovery at Bethesda Medical Center. He has even been able to speak in Chinese and German, another good sign, his brother said.

"He talked to his daughter Cathryn on the phone just yesterday," David said. "He said, 'I love you and I'm sure you miss me.'"

David said even before his brother began to speak, a smile let him know he would be OK.

"Even in his heavy sedation, we were talking to him all the time," David said. "I just looked down to him at one point and I said, 'Bob, I hate to tell you, but you still have a face for TV,' and he smiled."

David said the next step was to move Bob -- a father of four -- into a rehabilitation facility, although the family has not selected one yet.

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