'Good Morning America Weekend Edition' Newsletter

Greetings from the newsroom of "Good Morning America Weekend Edition."

It's a busy summer day here at "GMA." The president is in Chicago, where he held an unusual out-of-town news conference this morning.

Tensions on the North Korea front are heating up, just as they are with the Israeli hostage situation. We'll cover all these issues Saturday morning on our broadcast.

Later on, we'll get into outer space, and check up on the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. They are preparing for the first spacewalk of this mission, which is due to take place Saturday morning.

After that we'll journey across the Atlantic to Pamplona, Spain, where the famed running of the bulls is taking place this weekend.

Two Americans have already been injured, and we'll re-examine what it is about this event that drives so many people to live on the edge.

Beyond this, we'll take a look at the growing trend of marketing adult products to kids younger and younger.

If you feel like your young children are facing pressures to buy and to perform that you didn't face at their age, you're not alone.

After that, we have a sneak peak at our own Marysol Castro's forthcoming appearance on ABC's "One Life to Live." We've already nominated her for an Emmy.

All of this to come, and the latest breaking overnight news to complement your breakfast. We wish you the best start to your weekend, and hope you'll start the best days of your week with us.

-- The Staff of "GMA Weekend Edition"

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