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May 3, 2006 — -- New dad and blockbuster actor Tom Cruise is kicking off the summer movie season with "Mission: Impossible III," the latest installment of the hit "Mission Impossible" franchise.

After a whirlwind promotional tour, he expects to join fiancee Katie Holmes and his new daughter, Suri, at home tonight to resume his fatherly duties.

Holmes "breast-feeds, and I burp," he said. "I burp and I do the diapers. … I've been changing diapers for so long."

Cruise, who adopted two children with ex-wife actress Nicole Kidman, said that the new mom and baby were doing well.

"Suri, she's very strong. She's kicking," said Cruise, who said he was afraid that she would kick herself off the table when he reached for diapers.

Cruise said that he went shopping in Paris for clothes for Suri.

"The fun that I had," he said. "Little girl clothes are incredible."

Kicking Off the Summer

Cruise's personal life seems like it could not get any better, and "Mission: Impossible III" is expected to be a smash.

He will again play super-agent Ethan Hunt in the movie, which is full of action and thrilling stunts. Today, after promoting in London, Paris and Rome, he will be all around New York City on a media blitz.

"It will be intense today," he said. "This is a 'Mission: Impossible' day. I got the briefing from you know, my gang at Paramount. They are like, 'You have to be on that train at such and such a time.' … I just wanted to kick off summer with 'Mission: Impossible.'"

Cruise came to the "Good Morning America" studios to field questions from the audience.

Audience: Which stunt from the movie was the most challenging?

Cruise: There was a long sprint in the movie. That was challenging because it was at the end of the picture. My body was run down and I had to do about -- I think I had to do it five or six times. Getting slammed up against the car -- that was challenging. That knocked the wind out of me.

Audience: Any plans for a comedy?

Cruise: This character gives me a chance to play a romantic comedy because it is a love story. I have been looking for comedy. They are hard to come by. I'm looking for one.

Audience: What's your favorite mode of personal transportation?

Cruise: Well, I have to say I love flying airplanes. I'm a pilot. I love flying airplanes. You know, then I -- I get it where I need to get on a motorcycle. Then I have to fly a helicopter because I like that also. I like mixing it up.

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