Keira Knightley: Back on Board With 'Pirates'

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— -- The first installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean" made her a star. But that's not why British beauty Keira Knightley is back for more.

"I wasn't signed up to do the sequels. So, it was very much my choice," said the 21-year-old actress. "The opportunity to work with Johnny and Orlando again just seemed too good to miss."

And Knightley has had quite an active film career already: She starred in "Love Actually" and was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for her leading role in "Pride & Prejudice."

Now in production, the third installment of the comic but ghoulish trilogy will hit theaters next summer.

Perhaps getting a little closer to the truth, Knightly said both of her co-stars, Johnny Depp, who plays the brooding and mysterious Jack Sparrow, and Orlando Bloom, who plays earnest hero Will Turner, are both "great, really good kissers."

Yet, she refused to rate one ahead of the other. "Are you kidding? I've got to do three months' more work with them," she told "Good Morning America."

Would she choose Jack Sparrow or Will Turner in real life? "Ooh difficult. I mean, you'd have to go for the Jack Sparrow type, wouldn't you?" she said.

And while her two male co-stars are certainly among Hollywood's hotties, Knightly seems to trump them when it comes to a winning grin.

"It's funny. Everybody's been saying that I've got great teeth and I think I'm the only English person that has ever got that compliment," Knightley said.

While Knightley upstages the black-toothed Depp and Bloom with the clean smile, she gripes about her character's on-screen appearance.

"I'm the only one who doesn't have eye makeup on, which I was rather annoyed about. I'm the only girl, and I have less makeup than the boys," she said.

But with or without eye makeup or not, she is a continual target for compliments on both her acting and her style. The latter of which, she says, is definitely the least important.

"My job is the actress part," she said. "I hire a stylist to wear the clothes on the red carpet. So that is not my job, I just wear them. … I'm a complete slob most of the time, so it is quite nice to look a bit glamorous for an evening," she said.

"It was a brilliant moment [at the Oscar's] when my brother, who was my date for the evening, suddenly went 'Jack Nicholson is going to sit next to us.' And we went totally rigid and sort of couldn't look at him for a while. But he was wonderful," she said.

For Knightley, her life as a movie star seems to begin and end on the red carpet.

"I don't think I've got any showbizzy friends, which is a bit sad, I know. I'm quite embarrassed about it. But, no, I don't. My best friend is the one that I had since I was 11," she said.

She claims she is not nearly as feisty as her "Pirates" character, Elizabeth Swann.

"I think it's just impossible to be like Elizabeth Swann. She is sort of ridiculously fearless, and I can't imagine being like that," she said.

But with the name Knightley has created for herself at 21, she may just be more fearless than she had thought.

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