Fashion Dos and Don'ts From Celebrities

With New York's Fashion Week in full swing, everyone can use some fashion direction, whether it's the timeless sophistication of Carolina Herrera or the pretty glamour of Diane von Furstenberg.

Tips From Suze Yalof Schwartz, Glamour magazine:

Find a great trench coat.

Find a great dress in a bright color.

Find a great layering item.

What Celebs Say:

Donna Karan, fashion designer:

"Don't be a victim. Enjoy your clothes. It has to be about you -- the personality."

Usher, singer:

"Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. It is what you make it."

Michael Kors, fashion designer:

"If you're oozing out of your garment in any way, then it doesn't fit. And it's never going to be a 'do.'"

Hilary Duff, singer/actress:

"Fashion don't is jean on jeans."

Betsey Johnson, fashion designer:

"I never say, 'Don't!' I was really anti-don't my entire career!"

Tim Gunn, Parsons professor/"Project Runway" co-host:

"For me, the fashion don't is always too much skin."

Thalia, singer:

"Socks and sandals -- that's a big don't. Please."

Carol Alt, model:

"Big, chunky jackets are horrible. I don't care how comfortable you are."

Bebe Neuwerth, actress:

"Dress with respect for the place that you are going to and dress with respect for yourself."