'Lost' Secrets Revealed

Oct. 4, 2006 — -- The loyal legions of "Lost" fans may be worried about the show's stars, last seen kidnapped by a mysterious group called "the Others."

But they need not fear. The men and women of the hit ABC drama are alive and well.

Tonight, on the season premiere, "Lost" viewers will discover that Matthew Fox's character, Jack, is trapped behind a glass wall.

Meanwhile Sawyer, played by Josh Holloway, is held captive in a cage.

"Good Morning America" went on location in Hawaii for an inside look at Season 3.

In one scene, Sawyer and Kate, played by Evangeline Lilly, watch from cages as Jack is led away by the Others.

Fox posed the question that's on every viewer's mind.

"Three of our main characters … are being held captive by the Others, and you know the big question is going to be what do they want specifically from, from one of them?" he said.

Digging for Secrets on Set

The show developed a cult following after the first episode, when a plane crash left dozens of passengers stranded on a Pacific island. To survive, they must fight nature, each other and the unknown.

"Lost" is filmed on Oahu. When "Good Morning America" visited, they got an insider's look at the set.

They toured the wardrobe truck, where actors have as many as three of the same outfits -- from brands like Banana Republic and Armani.

ABC's Heather Nauert stopped by the makeup trailer, where a special-effects artist applied injuries to Josh Holloway's face. She even learned a few tricks of the trade.

Getting details out of the actors and producers was nearly impossible. But after spending time on the set of "Lost," "GMA" learned new secrets that'll come out this season.

According to Fox, viewers will hear more about Jack's history.

"His past life and what happened after his wife left him -- it's, it's going to blow people's minds," Fox said.

Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley, revealed a secret, too. The significance of the island map may be revealed.

"I think that map on the wall is probably something that's gonna resurface," Garcia said.

Another insider tidbit: Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, divulged shocking news about his wife's pregnancy.

"You're gonna find out more about whether this baby is actually Jin's or not," he said.

"GMA" also learned about two new characters.

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell admits: She's one of the Others.

"We really don't know a whole lot -- if she's good or if she's bad or anything," Mitchell said.

The other new character's a shocker: another survivor from the plane crash.

Nauert asked new cast member Rodrigo Santoro whether his character was one of the surviving group from the tail section of the plane.

"Should I reveal that?," Santoro said, laughing. "Yes, he's one of the survivors."

Who Will Kate Go For?

On a show admired for its twists and turns, who might be killed off next is anyone's guess.

"The nature of the show is that nobody's safe, so you can go any minute," said Adewale Akkinnuoye-Agbaje, who plays Mr. Eko.

But no one would reveal what some consider the ultimate secret: which leading man Lily's character, Kate, might fall for this season.

Nauert asked Holloway whether viewers might see more from Sawyer and Kate this season.

Holloway laughed and said, "God, I hope so."

Just like his sarcastic character, Holloway thinks the choice should be his.

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