George Clooney and George 41 Join Forces

ByABC News via logo
December 21, 2006, 7:51 AM

Dec. 21, 2006 — -- The two Georges make an odd couple, but the work they're doing together is nothing short of amazing.

Actor George Clooney and former President George H.W. Bush have joined forces to help the residents of Cameron, La., which was nearly swept away last year by Hurricane Rita.

Though they come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, Clooney and Bush have put their ideological differences aside to help restore the small town of 10,000 people and rebuild its hospital.

ABC's Diane Sawyer traveled to Cameron to talk to Clooney and Bush and find out what's driving their will to help.

First, though, she talked politics with the Georges. Sawyer asked Bush about his thoughts on the situation in Iraq.

Sawyer: Just a question about Iraq. We're talking about calling up additional new troops in order just to reinforce the services right now. Facing 3,000 deaths in Iraq, what would you want to say most to those families right now?

President Bush: Well, I'd say I support the president, and I don't want to go into what's going on and re-evaluating the policies and all that stuff.

I will say I'm a very strong believer in Bob Gates coming in here because I've worked with him so closely up at Texas A&M University. You had a nice try getting me in these issues, but I stay out of 'em. I really do. I don't go to Washington. I don't do op-ed pieces. And it's better just to support our sons who are in, and equally, the three kids that aren't in public life.

Sawyer also brought up Bush's breakdown before Congress earlier this month while talking about his son Jeb, the outgoing governor of Florida, and asked what was behind his emotion.

President Bush: You know, I was embarrassed about that. But the communications had been such from people that -- we understand that you love your kids and they're under fire. You know? So I don't think I want to do it again, but. I was embarrassed, kind of ashamed.

And then after the reaction from friends, political allies and political opponents came in, I said, 'Well, maybe it's all right when you get to be old to sort of let the tears flow. That's the way life is. You care about your kids.' It's all about that now for Barbara and me.