Teacher Who Married Student Never Doubted Her Feelings

Mary Kay Letourneau never doubted her romantic feelings for her then-12-year-old student Villi Fualauu, she told "Good Morning America" anchor Chris Cuomo in an exclusive interview.

Letourneau did "not for a moment" second-guess her relationship with Fualauu.

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"I'm not really one of those persons that says what's supposed to be the norm," she said. "I mean, I can see what's supposed to be the norm and I recognize it but there's so many things in life that don't really don't fall into that norm."

Letourneau pleaded guilty to child rape and went to prison, giving birth to a daughter there. She was paroled after six months, but within weeks was back in prison for ignoring a court order to stay away from Fualaau. Pregnant again, Letourneau gave birth to their second daughter in prison.

She was released in August 2004 and the couple married eight months later.

Fualaau said that he spent many years in anguished after everything that happened.

"I feel like Mary gets through a lot of it a lot better than I do. I mean … sometimes I fall back really hard, just thinking about a lot that was said to me," he said. "Then I kind of wake back up, and she was in prison and I wasn't."

The couple now lives with their two daughters and Letourneau's eldest son from her first marriage.