'Barbie Bandit's' Mom Shocked by Bank Robbery

Joy Miller, the mother of one of the two teenage girls who allegedly robbed a Georgia bank last week, told "Good Morning America" that the incident shocked her and was unlike anything her daughter Ashley Miller had ever done.

"I was very surprised," Miller said. "That's totally out of Ashley's character."

Miller insisted that her daughter Ashley was a good girl. Miller said that she was hanging with a bad crowd, which led her to rob a bank.

"She's a great kid with a big heart," Miller said. "She really cares about people."

But a very different picture of Ashley Miller is emerging. She and friend Heather Johnston are accused of walking up to a bank counter in a Georgia supermarket, handing the teller a note demanding cash, and walking out.

The 19-year-olds' disguise -- ponytails and movie-star sunglasses -- earned them the nickname "the Barbie Bandits."

"Heather and Ashley are not bandits. They are little girls that made a bad choice," Miller said.

Police believe they had help. Two bank employees, 27-year-old Michael Chastang and 22-year-old Benny Herman Allen, were also arrested in connection with the crime. It's being considered an inside job.

Police caught three of the suspects after a car chase. They were charged with theft and possession of marijuana and methamphetamines.

"She made a bad choice, and she will pay the consequences for the choice she made," Miller said.

Ashley Miller is a former high school cheerleader with dreams of becoming a nurse. Now, she faces a future as a possible felon.