Jessica & Nick Respond to Breakup Rumors

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2004 -- -- While tabloid headlines like "She's Flirting, He's Hurting" have been haunting "Newlyweds" Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for weeks, the reality TV couple says there is no truth to rumors that their marriage is on the rocks.

Simpson, who told ABC News' "Good Morning America" that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to believe the various tabloid stories hinting of an impending separation, says she and her husband are close, even when they're apart.

"We're each other's foundation and we're each other's rock and we have to lean on that when there are storms to weather," Simpson said.

Simpson and Lachey -- who have spent a lot of time apart during Simpson's filming of "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie in Louisiana and Lachey's various TV and music projects -- say they're not sure what's been fueling the rumor mill.

"We really are trying to think of where this whole firestorm of gossip came from," Lachey said. "We haven't been able to find really one instance or one public spat. There hasn't been anything and our marriage has never felt stronger and life has never been better than it is right now."

Simpson says rumors that their alleged troubles led her not to wear her wedding ring in public are just ridiculous. She said she went without her ring once at a public event because her yellow gold bracelets didn't match her large platinum and diamond wedding rings.

"It was a fashion decision," Simpson said. "I'm kind of finicky about gold jewelry ... about matching it with silver. Now I don't look at it as that. It's just always going to stay on my finger. It's never coming off."

Simpson and Lachey say the third season of their MTV show "Newlyweds" will be their last. The couple says they're ready for some real alone time, away from the cameras.

When it comes to their hectic Hollywood schedules, Lachey says it's old hat for them.

"The thing that people have to remember about us is our relationship has been that way from the beginning, when I was on tour with 98 Degrees and she was on her own tour," Lachey said. "We've always had a bit of distance in our relationship. That's part of supporting each other in what we both love to do."

Simpson says that while they're both still young, they've learned how to make their marriage work. She says it involves saying whatever it is you need to say at whatever hour you need to say it.

"You know, I'll call him at any point in the night, even if I know it will make him mad -- because if I need him, I need him," Simpson said. "He knows that. That's what marriage is about."