Challenge Yourself Blog: Sam Champion

March 23

Meeting Cindy, Marco and all of the kids was a lot of fun this morning. It's easy to see the strength that Cindy gets from her support system. Cindy's very clear goal of losing weight for her wedding is the drive behind her success so far, but her family and fiance are a big part of what keeps her going. Cindy and Marco are both following the program. It makes such a difference when you can celebrate -- and complain -- with someone else.

We all have those days when it just seems so hard to limit calories or to get off the couch to exercise. Cindy is working with a trainer to help her, which is great motivation. But if you can't make that commitment, grab a friend or neighbor and help each other. I know it helps me when I'm not in the mood to move!

This morning we had all of those delicious pancakes from Magnolia Cafe in Austin. It took Cindy and Self magazine Editor in Chief Lucy Danziger everything in their power to keep me away from them -- now that's true team motivation! (And no, I didn't even sneak one on the way out!)

Stay Fit!


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