Missing Mom's Body Discovered, 2nd Arrest Made

The boyfriend of a missing Ohio woman was charged with two counts of murder Saturday after police discovered the body of Jessie Davis. And today, authorities also arrested a female friend of Cutts, Myisha Ferrell, for obstruction of justice in connection with the case.

Former police officer Bobby Cutts Jr. faces charges of murdering Davis and their unborn child, a daughter she planned to name Chloe.

"We recovered the body of what we believe to be Jessie Marie Davis," said chief deputy Rick Perez of the Stark County Sherriff's Department.

After more than a week of searching, authorities found Davis' body in a wooded site in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Davis was nine months pregnant and due to give birth next week.

The discovery was a devastating blow to Davis' family, which had hoped she would be found alive. "They have gone through an absolute roller coaster of emotions," said Davis family attorney Rick Pitinii. "I've seen them laugh. I've seen them cry. I've seen them upset."

The night Davis disappeared, Wednesday June 13, Cutts was seen at Champs Sports Bar and Grill, where he is a regular. "Everybody was devastated," said Johnny Shaheen, the grill's owner. "I was devastated. Believe me, I wasn't happy it was him. I didn't want it to be him."

Waitress Katina Ross said she never thought she would meet someone who would actually commit such a crime.

The FBI and police searched Cutt's home and questioned him for the third time, Saturday.

The news of the discovery of Davis' body comes after three days of searches by thousands of volunteers in the community who aided authorities in their search.

"Unfortunately, we hate it when it turns out like this," said Gene Robinson of Texas Equusearch. "It's hard."

This morning on "Good Morning America Weekend Edition," FBI special agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said in similar cases, law enforcement usually focuses a significant amount of energy on the spouse or partner.

"People who kill other people typically have some sort of narcissisms," Garrett said. It is more about how the incident and outcome affects the killer's life. Garrett noted that in an interview Cutts gave to a local newspaper, he didn't even mention Davis.

Cutts will be arraigned in Canton on Monday.