No Men Allowed: All-Female Beach Opens

Dubbed "Pink Beach," this Italian coastline doesn't allow men or children.

On the Italian Adriatic coast, where romance reigns and beachcombers bask in the sun, the notorious Latin lover looks for his prey and he hunts his conquest with chat-up lines. The women are fed up.

"We run away from Italian men," said Tiziana Andreoletti. "They're such a drag."

And it happens all the time. Boy meets girl and boy annoys girl. So, the Italians have enacted an interesting solution to this problem. They have created a beach strictly for women. No men, children or loud disco music are allowed.

"It's a simple idea," said beach owner Fausto Ravaglio. "We have given the women their own world.''

Known as "Pink Beach," the area opened a week ago and is complete with exercise classes, water aerobics and makeup and manicure tips. It greets men with a pink sign that reads: "No Men."

The 50-mile stretch of coastline linking Rimini to Riccione also restricts traditional beach food such as deep-fried squid and chips.

Women can enjoy the sun, sea and sand without the lustful leers of men.

Beach-goer Marianna Sandu said she hit the testosterone-free sands to meet new friends and talk about "women stuff."

But for some men the idea is a little farfetched. One man said the concept might be good for women, but it would fall flat with men.

The beach does have one man.

"The lifeguard must be a man," Ravaglio said in a foreign newspaper interview. "You clearly need a man to save women in the sea. It's a question of muscles."