Check Out the Latest Kitchen Gadgets

If you are looking for items to help you out in the kitchen, check out these latest kitchen gadgets and find out where to get them below.

Food Cuber

Price: The single tray with lid (any size) is $7.49; the set of trays (one of each of the three sizes with three lids) is $19.95

Find it at

This food container system has size-varying compartments in each container, allowing storage of multiple things in one container. This means there is portion control and diet management. It is a way to store homemade, baby and toddler food. You can measure quantities in advance for "recipe-ready" ingredients, allowing more time to be spent on cooking rather than measuring.

Replaceable Grill Brush, Cedar Smoking Sheets and Stop & Go Tongs

Price: $12.99 for either; the smoking sheets come in a 10-pack along with a recipe booklet and tongs for $19.99.

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The brush comes with a replaceable brush head. You can screw off the brush and replace with a new one. It is weather resistant, and has a leather cord for hanging. The smoking sheets give the cedar taste without the wood. They are made for individual servings and provide excellent means of presentation whether the food is wrapped in the sheets or served directly on top of them.

The tongs have extra-long silicone cushioned handles and a beveled edge to easily get under food. The red and green handles allow for easy recognition of the tongs used for cooked and uncooked meat, preventing cross-contamination by designating red for uncooked meat and green for cooked.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Price: $8

Find it at or You can also call 866-266-5927.

It is a way to avoid the mess that comes from keeping measuring spoons on a ring. The spoons are magnetized to stick together when convenient, and allows for individual use.

Sugar Dispenser

Price: $13.95

Find it at or call 1-877-411-9600.

It can be a solution to the mess created from scooping sugar from a dish, and it works automatically.

Cupcake Courier

Price: $32.95

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It will transport or even store cupcakes without the mess of frosting and plastic wrap.

Infrared Trash Can

Price: $45 to $50

Find it at or call or 866-9STARS-8.

The battery-powered infrared scanner triggers the trash can to open. It eliminates mess and decreases the spread of germs, and the lid seals tightly to keep odors in.