'Kidnapped' Woman Hit With Prostitution Rap

Katelyn Kampf charged $150 for exotic dance, $100 for sex act, police say.

ByABC News via GMA logo
February 19, 2009, 2:26 AM

Dec. 14, 2007 — -- Katelyn Kampf, the young woman who accused her parents of kidnapping her so they could force her into an abortion, is facing prostitution charges in Portland, Maine.

Kampf was issued a summons for prostitution by police in October after a police sting operation at a Portland hotel.

An undercover officer replied to an ad in a weekly newspaper and arranged to meet a stripper at a Double Tree Hotel, according to the Portland Press Herald newspaper. Kampf showed up and requested $150 for an erotic dance and $100 to engage in a sex act, according to the paper.

Kampf was arrested Dec. 4 for not showing up to her scheduled court hearings after the prostitution summons.

Kampf posted $500 cash bail and is scheduled to return to court in January.

Kampf spoke to "Good Morning America" recently about losing her parents and life with her son, Diandre, after the alleged kidnapping incident.

When 19-year-old Kampf found out she was pregnant, she knew her parents wouldn't be thrilled. She never imagined though that they'd try to force her to have an abortion.

Kampf's parents didn't approve of her relationship with her boyfriend Reme, a black South African man. "They were a little bit racist, to be honest," she told "GMA's" Chris Cuomo.

At six months pregnant, she finally told them.

"I tried to leave the house, and that's pretty much where the physical part started, and they tried to pull me back into the house and keep me from leaving," she said. "My dad restrained me on the floor and my mom walking in from the kitchen holding a rope."

Next Kampf says they forced her into the car without telling her where they were going. Driving from their home in Maine, they told her they "called a place, a clinic in New York, and scheduled an abortion."

At a Kmart in New Hampshire, she made a dash for it.

"I said I had to use the bathroom. I waited maybe 10 seconds as [my dad] went into the bathroom next door and then I just bolted out and I asked the store clerk what the name of the street was in front of the building, and I called the cops."

When the cops arrived they found rope, duct tape, scissors, a knife and later found a rifle in the parents' trunk.

According to a New Hampshire police officer, "There were ligature marks on her hand, some redness around her face and neck, real probability she was bound and gagged like she said."

The parents pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct. "I am sorry for my choices that bring me here," her father, Nicholas Kampf, told the court.

To Kampf's shock and disappointment the judge let her parents off with no jail time, and felony charges were dropped.

"I feel like they barely got a slap on the wrist, if that, Kampf said."I feel like my parents should have been looked at as just any other individual. It shouldn't have been made into a family matter because it was still a crime."