Arctic Blast Will Frost Almost Every State in the U.S.

Cross-country arctic blast has U.S. bracing for coldest weekend of the year.

ByABC News via logo
January 18, 2008, 11:34 AM

Jan. 18, 2008 — -- The Siberian Express blasts across the United States this weekend, bringing bone-chilling temperatures.

For weeks cold air has been building in the polar regions of Siberia and Canada, but now the jet stream is blasting that air south.

Every single state in the country will be affected, except for New Mexico, Arizona and Hawaii. Almost everywhere else will be going into a deep freeze as arctic winds blow in excess of 40 mph.

The Midwest will be its first stop, where wind chills could drop to minus 40.

In Minneapolis, where "Good Morning America" meteorologist Sam Champion reported from this morning, it's only about 9 degrees (subzero with the wind chill). The 53-foot Minneaha Falls is now frozen solid.

Cold wind will also be freezing roads, creating dangerous icy conditions. Drivers should proceed with extreme caution if they must drive during the weekend in affected areas.

Already in Iowa this year snow and ice have sent massive 18-wheelers colliding and in Kansas City, roadways were littered with accidents.

Snow blowers were out in full force in Wisconsin today. Most places received three to four inches of snow overnight; some places got up to eight inches.

After hitting the Midwest, the bitter arctic blast will move to the Northeast and to the South. Cities as far down the coast as Atlanta are preparing for temperatures in the teens.

After last week's record highs the nation will be shocked into deep winter this weekend.