Little Basketball Player With Big Heart

From the day Carsen Main was born, his parents knew he had a secret strength.

"He was a very good baby," said his mom, Ashlee Main.

His dad, Danny Main, added, "The nurses gave him the nickname of Houdini because he would always struggle out of his swaddled blankets. They don't know how he had the strength to do it."

Carsen was born with a genetic disorder that causes dwarfism. He is now 7 and stands one inch shorter than his 3-year-old brother. Carsen is 2 feet tall.


That doesn't hold him back, though. "It doesn't matter how tall you are," he said.

His personality and attitude more than make up for his height. "I just like how he is like funny and outgoing. He's fun. He just wants to be friends with everyone," said his sister Sienna.

Carsen has also become a star on the basketball court.

"I love basketball because you have fun and you shoot a lot and you get the rebounds and dribble," Carsen said.

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Just a few weeks ago something magical happened – Carsen was selected MVP for his hustle on the court. Carsen's story made it to the front page of The Denver Post.

"He's an inspiration," said Shawna Jewell, whose son is on Carsen's basketball team. "He has such drive and determination and he never gets frustrated or has a look of discouragement. It's always a look of hope and smiling."

And his teammates appreciate that drive. "He's a very good player even though he's little. He never gives up," said Dax Littleton.


Carsen believes that trying is as good as winning and that being different is no big deal in basketball, or life. It's a lesson he's passing along to others.

"He's teaching people that no matter how small you are you can still do it and if you set your mind to it and really want to do it then you can do it," Sienna said.

But sometimes the world can be unforgiving even when you're as special and beloved as Carsen. Other children occasionally tease him and people sometimes stare.


His family says they just ignore the stares and teasing.

"I say, 'Carsen if people call you little, just ignore them because you're like everybody else,'" said brother Cayden.

"When the kids that make fun of him, after the [basketball] game is over, they're like, 'wow that kid's good and they have this grin on their face,'" Cayden said.

His family is proud of Carsen's strength, and everyone who knows him says he has a huge heart and an even bigger smile.


Carsen is already planning for the future.

"Right now he wants to be a Hot Wheels race car driver and I said, 'go for it, you know there's pedal extensions. There's nothing stopping you,'" his mom said.

His sister Sienna has no doubt that Carsen can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

"And if he follows his heart, he'll be strong and just have more strength, just to overcome those challenges," she said.