Men Allegedly Used ID Theft to Woo Women

Police claim two men used identity theft, fraud to woo women.

ByABC News via GMA logo
June 22, 2008, 3:50 PM

June 23, 2008 — -- Tammi McCreary's and Eric Perteet's love story was fast, thrilling and passionate. The pair met at a party and within a month Perteet proposed to McCreary.

The two honeymooned in the Bahamas.

"I thought I had the perfect marriage," McCreary said.

Afterward, Perteet moved into McCreary's Atlanta home and even got a job at a local hospital -- or so she thought.

"Every day when I dropped him off, he always had on scrubs with the hospital's logo," McCreary said.

But the newlywed couple's bliss was short lived.

Perteet was arrested on May 18 at Piedmont Hospital, after security staff found him in the emergency room dressed in those scrubs his wife always saw him wearing.

"He had been arrested for impersonating a doctor," McCreary said.

According to an Atlanta police report, he allegedly had been hanging around the hospital in waiting rooms, doctors' lounges and the library for at least six weeks, and had allegedly stolen hospital property including a cellphone, a doctor's on-call pager, an electronic door swipe card and vial of drugs to make him look more like a doctor.

Though Perteet told McCreary he was an electrical engineer with a medical degree, police contend he actually was a fraud. Authorities accused him of identify fraud and said he pretended to be a doctor to woo women.

Soon McCreary, 38, realized everything she thought she knew about her new spouse was a fabrication. While they were dating, Perteet, 27, told her he was divorced and had recently lost his family in a car crash.

"I just felt compassion for him and just wanted to be there for him," McCreary said.

She learned that in fact, Perteet's family was alive and well. Then she discovered he previously had been convicted of depositing bad checks and that he had faked medical school transcripts and death certificates.

"I was in tears. I didn't know what to believe," McCreary said.

Even in jail, Perteet refused to admit to any wrongdoing, insisting to McCreary he was telling the truth.

"He still held on with his story that he is a physician," said McCreary, who was married twice before she met Perteet.

McCreary's tale sounds eerily familiar to Noelle Stehling, who thought she found her Mr. Right on the dating Web site

That's how she met Paul Kreuger, who said he was music engineer and business man. He claimed he had been nominated for several Grammy Awards.

"He was very attentive and that made me feel very special," the California resident said.