Excerpt: Robin Roberts' 'Eight Rules to Live By'

Robin Roberts didn't get where she is today by sheer luck. As a child in Mississippi, a college basketball star, a host on ESPN, and now a co-anchor of "Good Morning America," Roberts used faith and a determination to stay true to herself to guide her to the top. She credits eight rules with keeping her on the path to fulfillment and success: The seven that appeared in the bestselling hardcover edition of "From the Heart," plus an eighth rule, "Early Detection," that specifically addresses her recent bout with breast cancer.

Noted for her down-to-earth style and warmth, Roberts considers her faith, family, and fundamental values as being the cornerstones of her emotional and professional achievement. In this little book with a big heart, she imparts her hard-won wisdom through personal stories and inspirational reflections on how any woman can be her best self.

"There is no magical reason why I am where I am. And there is absolutely no reason why you can't be where you want to be. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you, too. And it would be a privilege for me to help you get there."

Robin's July 2007 announcement that she had breast cancer made headlines all over the country. Her return to on-camera work during treatment has created a new understanding of what life with the disease can be like.

A new chapter, with an eighth rule that addresses her health in candid yet hopeful terms, will make this a valuable addition to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The hardcover edition of From the Heart was a New York Times, USA Today, and Book Sense bestseller. It has netted 75,000 copies in hardcover.

Among countless other awards, Roberts has won four Emmys, the President's Award from the Women's Sports Foundation, and Ebony magazine's "Outstanding Journalist" award.