Prevent Dry Skin With These Tips

Learn how to protect your skin this winter.

Nov. 4, 2008 — -- With the colder weather already ushering its way into the nation, dry skin is sure to become a problem. But rather than fret about how to keep your epidermis moisturized and healthy, check out New York City dermatologist Dr. Doris Day's tips on keeping skin in good condition during the winter.

The Importance of Sunscreen

Cover Up

In addition to wearing gloves, you'll want to exfoliate less often during this season because dry scaly skin can become even more sensitive in the winter. Make sure that when you do exfoliate, you moisturize afterward.


Pat your skin after getting out of the shower and apply the cream within two to three minutes, otherwise the water evaporates off your skin and actually pulls water out of your skin.

That's because the air is very dry, and that pulls water away from your skin unless you lock it in with a good moisturizer.

Remember to avoid long, hot showers because they'll pull the natural oils out of your skin, which will leave you very, very dry.