Geek Chic: Gadgets for Girls

The gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show prove it's no guys-only show.

ByERIC NOLL via via logo
January 10, 2009, 9:02 AM

Jan. 10, 2009 — -- The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a mecca for anyone interested in the future of gadgets and gizmos. In a dream assignment, "Good Morning America's" technology contributor Becky Worley got a sneak peak at the ultra-exclusive CES and all the gadgets it had to offer.

Becky discovered things are different this year -- technology manufacturers are designing electronics with women in mind.  Girlie geek in now chic. Say goodbye to pink crystal encrusted cell phones or polka dot laptop bags -- it's all about serious tech gear that matters most to women. 

The latest in laptops made with ladies in mind is the Sony Vaio P Series laptop. It's the world's lightest 8" notebook, at only 1.4 pounds. It's a sleek, sexy laptop that can be carried like a clutch. It's as thin as a deck of cards and fits in a purse or jacket pocket. It comes in four fashion forward colors: onyx black, garnet red, emerald green and crystal white.

The perfect gadget for a ladies night is the Casio FC10 digital camera, Worley said. It's tiny (3.9 inches wide, 2.3 inches high, .9 inches thin) boasts a 9.1-mega pixel resolution, and can take 30 shots per second of high-resolution images. It's essential for any women who never likes her picture since it gives 30 chances per click.

The Palm Pre Smartphone will be the iPhone rival in 2009, Worley predicts. It's just as sleek and user-friendly, but designed with women in mind. Since women with long nails can't use an iPhone, the Palm Pre has a special pullout keypad in addition to the touch screen. The Smartphone also doubles as mirror. It's also the first mainstream phone to eliminate nasty chord tangles by incorporating a wireless charger.

SanDisk will take on the iPod in the 2009 music market. Marketed toward the more casual music listener who wants a range of music without the hassle of buying different albums and making playlists, the Sansa Slot Radio comes preloaded with 1,000 top songs from the billboard charts. The company intends to release more 1,000-song memory cards that are genre specific.   

Witness the new generation of Webcams with the Minoru 3d. The camera looks like a red robot and, through the use of specially designed glasses, broadcasts a 3D image to the receiving computer.  Each gadget comes with five pairs of glasses.  Minoru 3D can also take still pictures, record 3D video for Web sites like YouTube, and can be used as a normal 2D webcam.

Worley said that in the future, every home appliance will charged with wireless technology.  This year, Fulton Innovation's unveiling a prototype device that looks like a driftwood bowl, but it's a wireless charger for gadgets. It combines design and technology and keeps kitchens free of ugly wires. It's the ultimate in tidy design.

Universal remotes are nothing new. Worley imagines the next generation will include devices like the brand new RCA Voice Control Remote. The gadget responds to verbal commands like "turn on TV" or "rewind DVD."

The must-have kids' game for 2009 is the Mattel Mindflex.  Players can unleash their inner girlie geek by channeling Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi mind tricks from Star Wars. It's a game that challenges players to control a ping-pong ball with their minds. A player straps on a headset that is designed to read theta brainwaves. By focusing or relaxing, the player guides the ball through an obstacle course.

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