Which Summer Infomercial Products Make the Grade?

Photo: Snuggie for Dogs, Garden Groom, Fasta Pasta on GMAPRNewsFoto/Garden Groom/WJRT
Becky Worley tests infomercial products Snuggie for Dogs, Garden Groom and Fasta Pasta on Good Morning America.

"GMA" technology contributor Becky Worley is back with the low-down on more of those "as seen on TV" products.

Today she's tackling the Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer, the Fasta Pasta, the Topsy Turvey tomato tree and the Dog Snuggie.

She tried out the products and graded them on how well they live up to their claims.

Find out which products made the grade and which just didn't live up to Worley's expectation below.

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Garden Groom Hedge Trimmer

Price:3 payments of $33.33
Grade: B-
What Worley said: This is the perfect product if you're one of those Edward Scissorhands, topiary gardeners. But here's a secret: I'm kind of afraid of power tools with blades. I think a lot of women are, and some men too. This has an enclosed blade and it collects the trimmings. So it's much cleaner than other hedge trimmers. If you are one of those gardener types, then this is an "A" product. But it's not for the rest of us. I have out of control hedges at home that are not well suited for the garden groom. You have to push down to cut and you get mixed results. The garden groomer is intended to manicure your already trimmed shrubs and hedges. It's not intended to beat back the branches and do heavy twig cutting.

What the company said:Garden Groom is pleased that you tried out our product - the only trimmer with a built in collection for super easy clean up. It's a safe, lightweight, easy to use product and the perfect solution for easy trimming and shaping of hedges. Thanks for the review.

Fasta Pasta

Price: $12.95 plus shipping and handling
Grade: A-
What Worley said: When I first got this, I was thinking "Does it really take a new product just to make pasta? Where's the problem here?" When I tried it though, I found that it took eleven minutes to cook enough angel hair pasta for three people with the Fasta Pasta. But it took 22 minutes to cook the same amount when you boil with water. That's twice as fast. People might ask "Does it taste weird?" No, it doesn't -- it tastes great. But I wouldn't use this with gnocchi or tortellini or thicker pastas like that. It comes out a little gummy. But the Fasta Pasta totally does what it says it will. Another upside is that it uses less water, and it's great for hot days when you don't want to steam up your kitchen. Also good for kids and for making macaroni and cheese fast.

Ultimate Infomercial Challenge

Topsy Turvey Tomato Planter

Price: $19.99
What Worley said: Let me say first that this is a great idea. You start with a seedling and hang it upside down. You fill the bag with dirt and what I found was that the plant grows much quicker with the Topsy Turvy than with the regular right side up planter that I used as a control. The Topsy Turvy has more flowers and earlier tomatoes that are much more vigorous than the standard planter tomato. I got eight green tomatoes from the Topsy Turvy planter and only four with the regular planter – twice as many. But there's a catch, and it's twofold. The first problem is that it is a pain to water. You have to hang it from something, like the eaves of your porch or somewhere that you have to get up on a ladder to pour the water on top. The second is that because the water drains out onto the leaves, all the leaves directly underneath the bag have a weird funk on them and the blossoms there that would have turned into tomatoes didn't turn up.

What the company said: We are glad to hear of your early success with the Topsy Turvy planter. Because many Topsy owners are novice gardeners, too, we are providing gardening tips to help guarantee their success ... Also new Topsy products for Spring 2010 will also help make hanging and watering your Topsy Turvy planter much easier!

Snuggie for Dogs

Price: $14.95
Grade: A+
What Worley said: I just loved this. It's the first time I've ever given an "A+" to any product. Right now, every man, woman and child in America needs a Snuggy. And what's great is that you can wear yours and your dog can have a matching Snuggy. It's canine-human coordination at its best. And it's also much easier to put on your dog than ordinary dog sweaters that you have to pull over the legs.