Work Out While Doing Housework: Squeeze It In

Web site helps you work exercise into your everyday chores.

Aug. 19, 2009 -- Finding time to work out can be a chore.

Carving out an hour or two to hit the gym can seem like an impossibility when our days are filled from the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we collapse into bed at night.

Working out at home doesn't have to involve fancy, pricey equipment like a treadmill or elliptical trainer. You can tighten your triceps, streamline your stomach and hone in on your hamstrings while doing the things we do every day: Taking out the trash, washing your hair and putting away the dishes.

That's the concept behind Squeeze It In, the web site that seeks to eliminate all the excuses for not getting in shape by squeezing exercise into our everyday chores.

The site's slogan is "Let life be your workout!"

Since you're doing these tasks anyway, why not burn some calories?

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Laundry Legs

Work on your glutes (that's your butt muscles) while you're sorting your whites and darks. Start with the laundry basket in front of washing machine, your legs shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight, put all your weight onto your heels, as if you were sitting in a chair. Make sure your knees don't go past your ankles as you squat down to pick up a piece of laundry. As you come up, squeeze your glutes tightly, as you drop your item into the washing machine. Make sure not to lock your knees when you come up.

Continue until you have run out of clothes or have done at least 2 sets of 12.

There are two variations on this exercise:

The "pulse" version: While down in the squatting position, stop and do short pulses in this position at least 12 times. Stand right back up and continue with another set of 12 full laundry leg squats.

The "pause" version: Hold the squatting position for 30 seconds before coming back up for another set of 12 full laundry leg squats.

Dish Lifts

Keep your calves in shape while emptying your dishwasher. While you're putting the dishes away, rise up onto your toes and hold for a count of three. Come down slowly onto your heels.

Repeat until all the dishes are back in the cupboard, or for 2 sets of 12.

Exercise While Doing Chores

Shampoo Press

This tricep (muscles on the backs of your arms) toning move will put some power in your shower. Hold a bottle of shampoo in your hands. Raise your arms above your head, your arms alongside your head. Lower the bottle behind your head so your elbows point to the ceiling. Slowly extend your arms straight up above your head and then slowly bring them back down.

Repeat this exercise for at least 2 sets of 12. Focus your attention on your triceps and create your own resistance. Keep the movements slow and controlled.

For variation, try doing this exercise one arm at a time.

Hot Squats

You'll feel the burn on this one. These work your thighs and glutes while you blow dry your hair. With your feet shoulder-width apart, turn your toe and knees outward as if you were doing a ballet-type plie. Keeping your back straight, squat straight down, squeezing the buttocks and inner thighs as you come back up. Engage your core and hold the sink with your free hand for balance. Repeat for two sets of 12.

For variation, squat halfway down for perform short pulses for a count of 12. Then follow with a set of full squats.

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