Simpson Trial Figures Recall Slain Kin

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June 12, 2005 — -- Eleven years ago today, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed in California, and Nicole's ex-husband and football legend O.J. Simpson was accused of the crime. The murder case -- dubbed the "trial of the century" by the media -- ended with his acquittal.

Nicole's sister, Denise Brown, and Ron Goldman's sister, Kim Goldman-Hahn, have remained outspoken in their belief that Simpson committed the murders, and today talked to "Good Morning America" about their lives, more than a decade later.

Denise Brown has become an advocate in the fight against domestic violence, creating the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation. Tonight, the group will hold its annual candlelight vigil in memory of Nicole and to benefit victims of abuse.

"Every year since the murders we've been holding a candlelight vigil," Brown said. "What we want to do is we want to see hundreds of thousands of candles lit all across the country so we can banish the darkness and hopefully end the silence one of these days."

Brown and Goldman-Hahn say they are still struggling with the loss of their siblings.

"People tell you all the time that when a tragedy like this hits your family, it gets easier," Brown said. "The only thing that subsides for me are my tears. But honestly, it gets harder and harder each year, because I haven't been able to talk to Nicole."

Though Simpson is a free man, he was found liable in civil court and has been ordered to pay over $30 million in damages to the victims' families.

Goldman-Hahn said her family has not seen any of that money.

"He's made it incredibly clear that he has no intention of doing anything to honor the judgment against him," she said.

Goldman-Hahn, who named her son after her brother, said she is appalled at images of Simpson enjoying his freedom.

"It's disgusting to me to see the smugness and arrogance and just the lack of respect that he has for the fact that he killed two people and that they don't have the luxury of being able to go out into the sunshine and breathe fresh air and swing a golf ball, play with their kids, whatever it might be," she said.

Brown agreed, but said that doing good work with other victims of domestic violence is, for her, the best revenge.

"What we're doing is a lot more important than O.J. Simpson," Brown said. "Hearing Nicole's name and keeping her memory and Ron's memory alive is what's going to get him even more in the long run. … That's our way of payback."

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