Summer Recipes: Ring in the Season With These Seasonal Dishes

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Summer is in full swing and that means fresh and delicious produce is filling your local markets. After too many months of pumpkins, apples, and root vegetables, it's time for some new ingredients and new recipes. "Good Morning America" has compiled a list of the top seasonal ingredients for June and paired them with simple and tasty recipes. Treat your friends, family or yourself to one of these winning dishes for dinner tonight.



Asparagus are as flavorful as they are bountiful this time of year. Filled with protein, calcium and iron, they are an excellent addition to any dinner table. The nutritious vegetable is great on its own boiled and served without any fuss, but if you're looking for something a little different we've got some recipes you're sure to enjoy.

By themselves blached asparagus have a savory understated flavor. To make them a bit more exciting Mario Batali added pancetta and a Meyer lemon citronette. While the preparation for this dish is fairly simple -- raw asparagus are wrapped in pancetta, cooked over a hot griddle and then drizzled with the citronette -- the taste is anything but.

Other interesting asparagus options include Mario Batali's asparagus Milanese, where the vegetable is topped with a runny, sunny side up egg and a generous sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Emeril's asparagus with toasted almonds.



Fresh peas are a true mark that summer has arrived. No matter how they are prepared -- raw, cooked, in their shells or without -- they are an excellent addition to your springtime dinner. According to, there are three main types that dominate the marketplace this time of year, English peas, snap peas (which are also called sugar peas), and snow peas.

One of the best uses of peas is the classic split pea soup. Emeril perfected this recipe with just the right blend of onions, celery, red pepper and garlic. These ingredients give the soup more body without compromising the flavor or texture. Needless to say even your grandmother would approve of this recipe.

So, you think it's a little warm for soup? Fire up your grill and give Mario Batali's chicken thighs with snap peas a try. The chicken thighs are lightly breaded, flavored with anchovies and garlic, and paired with blanched snap peas. This gives the meaty dish just the right balance of greens and a bit of a crunch too.

English peas are surprisingly sweet, so when former Top Chef contest Leah Cohen put them in ravioli we were intrigued. This dish of English pea ravioli with Parmigiano broth and truffles is a bit challenging, but well worth every extra moment of stress.



Popeye was right indulging in this leafy green. Not only is it full of iron, it has a fantastic fresh flavor. It's easy to get stuck eating the same vegetables day after day, but with bunches of spinach available straight from the farm it might be time to try something new. Check out some of our inventive ways to use this nutrient-rich vegetable.

There are few foods more refreshing than a spinach salad. The Feasty Boys shared their take on the classic spinach salad. A bed of spinach is topped with bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and a garlic-style dressing. If you're looking for something a little less traditional, and maybe a bit healthier give Nadia G.'s version a try. Here she adds a Chinese twist to the classic spinach salad with Asian pears, fried noodles and a specialty dressing.



Mint is an extremely versatile herb that can be paired with food from fresh fruit to lamb and still enhance their natural flavors. Now that it is officially in season it's time to use it in abundance.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn is known for taking ordinary foods and giving them a kick, with spices, herbs or even just an additional ingredient. As it turns out mint often appears in his recipes. Cole slaw is a common spring and summer side dish, but it's usually well drenched with creamy sauces and light on herby flavor. Alternatively, Mendelsohn's red cabbage variety is packed with raisins, red onion and of course mint.

Another delicious minty dish is Marcus Samuelsson tomato and watermelon salad. The fresh fruit is paired with goat cheese and herbs to make a sweet and tangy dish.



It's finally berry season and strawberries are popping up in markets everywhere. After a winter of pears and apples it's time for these sweet spring fruits. Try some of these delectable desserts today and impress your family.

Everyone loves cheesecake, and while many might say that it's impossible to improve on the classic New York version, the Disney Dream may have achieved it with their strawberry cheesecake. This cake has everything you love about traditional cheesecake from the graham cracker crust to the smooth thick texture, but strawberries as well.

So you like dessert, but cheesecake is too heavy and you're short on time? Emeril's macerated berries are just the thing. With a quick mash of blueberries and a bit of strawberries, lemon juice and sugar, dessert is done.