True or False: Hotel Conceirge Assistance Costs Extra?

Follow Chase's hotel conceirge tips to make the most of your vacation

Sept. 20, 2011 — -- False, one of the greatest misconceptions about a hotel concierge is that one must use money to receive their assistance.

The hotel concierge service originated years ago in richer hotels to provide help to these guests. Decades have passed since their inception and now a concierge builds relationships with customers, regardless of their wealth.

Here are some helpful tips to gain the greatest benefits from your concierge:

1. Do your homework and be concise when asking your concierge for advice

2. Be realistic when asking for assistance

3. Contact your concierge in advance to allow for ample time to assist you

4. Be mindful when tipping, try to tip half before your request and the rest when its fulfilled

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