Hot In 2011: Makeup Trends Include Grownup Glitter, Lots of Lashes

Learn how to do the top makeup looks of the New Year at home.

Dec. 30, 2010 — -- So you're counting down to 2011. If you're going out to ring in the New Year, why not do something different with your makeup?

Angelique Serrano, beauty editor at Allure magazine, and Elena George, Emmy Award-winning celebrity makeup artist, appeared on "Good Morning America" today to discuss the hottest makeup trends for 2011 and show you how you can get the look on your own.

The Looks

Tara: Glitter for Grownups

Everyone wants to shine on New Year's Eve. Glitter done right can be beautiful. It catches the light and brightens the face, Serrano said.

The key to wearing glitter well is to pick one area of your face and to use small glitter particles for a discreet shimmer.

The model, Tara, is wearing Hard Candy eye definition glitter eye shadow in Liar, an intense black cream with flecks of gold.

To get this look, George recommended MAC Pigment glitter, and LA Splash, available at Duane Reade.

Carolina: Bold, Bright Lips

You can also get this look with MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, George said, adding that she also likes the matte finish.

Brooke: Lots of Lashes

Lashes are always in style. They make eyes appear larger and give them a pop of brightness, Serrano said.

Placing individual lashes on the edge of your eyes are an easy way to add a 'wow' factor.

You can pump up your natural lashes with Jane Iredale professional faux lashes and Maybelline Falsies mascara. Serrano said the Jane Iredale lashes are easy to apply and the mascara lengthens, darkens and thickens the lashes.

Petula: Matchy-Matchy

This time it's okay to match your colors! Brooke has a coordinated look with L'Oreal Paris nail polish in Apple of My Eye, paired with the brand's British Red lipstick.

It makes for a very dressed up, ladylike look.

Color matching for makeup will be a huge trend for 2011, Serrano said, adding that's it's already been seen in dark reds and orange reds.

Because the colors are so strong, they don't look prissy, she said, adding that you can switch things up by doing matte lips with shiny nails.

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